Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Weekend Movie Marathon

Could not have killed more effectively and uselessly than how we did last weekend. Watched five new tamil films continously burning the midnight oil and sacrificing a pleasant weekend sleep. As usual Praveen, Muthusivam and myself assembled at Subramani's home on saturday. At around nine the show started with a reasonably good movie starring Sundar.C. Probably because of the reason that no one has seen a new movie for months, we continued with the next movie. This time it was one of the new released Ajith's film. The film was not that good but expectations took us to the third movie and it started by around 3am.

The third film was "Thottal Poo malarum". If we were in Tamilnadu, there is very little chance that we would have seen a movie like that. When the film ended it was nearly morning. Due to the unstoppable enthu of Musi and Mani, we sat for the fourth film. The fourth films was "Arya" starring Mathavan and Bavana. Totally disgusting it was still Muthusivam, Praveen and myself managed to see the full movie. It was at around 8.20 in the morning we felt like sleeping and slept for around three hours before we started the fifth and the final film.

The fifth film was "Pallikoodam" a movie that reminded us about the school life. Resembled a little like Autograph, but has fallen short in some aspects. Still it is a movie worth watching. With that ended the "Weekend movie Marathon".

Later in the morning we realised we were not the only people to stay awake all night for the sound has kept Subramani's neighbors from sleeping too :) . Poor fellows, atleast they should have joined us for the film :) . Anyway one more night like this is a bit far, since it would surely take a little time for the wrath of neighbours to subside :)


rsriram said...

Good going.. Hare kya re!!!! 2 days once blogging something. no project stuff?????
I can access wordpress in offce so dio expect posts and comment from me.

senthilkumaran said...

dei sombai, project work going da thats why it is becoming difficult to post blogs. Have a lot to post :) read your blog too.. hope to see more from you da RAM...

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Iniyan said...


Ungaluku lam DVD/CD (pirated) la padam paaka kudadu nu theryada?? Nengale ipdi irunda epdi..nangalam ungala follow panna ena aagum ;-)