Friday, March 12, 2010

Miserable Plans

“He who fails to plan, plans to fail"

Believe me, i take those words pretty seriously at a situation like this. Atleast a plan has to be in place to save me. So what is that, which needs so much of planning. Its the usual stuff, exams are approaching fast. The problem with exams is that, you never realize that you have very little time till it is already very late to save yourself. Unfortunately, i have pushed myself into a situation like that now. Thanks to the optimistic decisions i made an year back :(

Anyway exams are approaching, and i had to atleast plan something, execution of which can be planned later. But it was important to have a plan. So i dusted off the brain which nowadays prefers to sleep, whenever i try to think, and started thinking at last. And soon a plan was in place.

The idea is to burn some midnight oil and study. But that would be difficult, since books are the best sleeping pills i have ever seen. So the idea was to do something interesting whenever i feel sleepy for a while and try to study once sleep goes away. Yep it worked, the first part worked, i could stay awake late in the night as long as i did something interesting. But thats the only part that worked. Looks like the second part needs to be replanned. The moment book is opened, eyes close automatically and slowly book falls from the hands and i fall into a peacefull sleep :(

Today's plans was to blog to keep me awake and then to study later but remote sight of the OS book is already putting me into sleep..