Friday, July 27, 2007

A difficult calculation

Set theory, Algebra, Modern Algebra, Geometry, Analytical Geometry, Trigonometry, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Differential equation, Partial differential equation, Numerical Methods, Complex Numbers, Operation Research, Graph Theory, Statistics. Those were some of the difficult mathematical subjects that i studied during my college and in school. They involved a little amount of calculation and were quite easy. The most difficult calculation i encountered after entering the company was calculation and declaration of income tax. Was forced to spend two full days on this, since could not make head or tail about the process and rules. Later with the help of some senior colleagues in company was able to decipher but still i am not sure about the entire process. It was funny to find even seniors sharing the same opinion. So the tamil proverb "Aetu surakai kariku uthavathu"(book knowledge does not help much in life) seems to be true.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Two weeks after the release of the movie and about a week after the release of the book, the situation has not changed and harry potter continues to find a place in the newspapers. Whatever Daniel Radcliffe blabbers is a news. The seventh and the final book created a lot of eagerness even among the muggles, who have not read the previous six books. Thanks to the media for creating so much of hype. I think the media has overdone it. There was a lot of fight among the news channels to disclose the plot of the book. Finally a news channel disclosed the plot as a "Flash News". Though most of the potter maniacs got the book on the first day there are some like me who are yet to read the book. I never expected them to disclose whether Harry will die or not. Even after reading a lot of plot spoilers in the web, the expectations are still high and i still have lot of faith in J.K.R. Waiting for my friend to finish off the book today, after which two to three nights will be dedicated to "Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows".

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Idli - the idle food

Bangalore is bringing a lot of change in me. The most affected among them is the eating habit. Three weeks back "idli" was never in the list of favourties for breakfast. After experimenting with different types of dosas here "idli" looks like the best possible breakfast item. Though Poori looks like a great option, the sidedish is nearly horrible. Found a lot of people with the same experience and idea.  Here is a list of points supporting the latest favorite item.

1) It does not contain oil.
2) Easy to digest.
3) As long as the chutney is eatable, idli can be eaten
4) Takes less time to prepare, so waiting time in hotel is less
5) Finally, as far as my experience holds, it is difficult to make a bad bad
idli when compared to other items.

A lot of changes in a short period.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Funny Facts

Two weeks in bangalore, learnt a lot about the city. Discovered a new sweet called "Sambar". It is the same sambar that we use as a side dish for idly, dosa etc. In many hotels here sambar is a lot sweeter than many other sweets. Same thing happens with "rasam" also. Grrr... Unfortunately after coming to bangalore, Idly happens to be  the favorite for breakfast. Thats about the food.

Traveling in bus gives a lot of experience. The following incident happened while we were returning home from office. We gave twenty five rupees and asked for three tickets. The conductor gave back seven rupees but not the ticket. We chased the conductor for ticket  but all we got was some weird signs from the conductor. Later with the help of passengers in bus we realised that the cost of a ticket was Rs.7 and actually he has given us a commission of three rupees :) There are some good conductors who really stick to the rules but many are like this. Bad Bad conductors, not of electricity but of character. Not only the conductors, most of the business man can identify that we are not native of this city and usually increase the cost to 150%or even  200% of the original cost. Other than things like this bangalore is really cool place and looks like a good place to live.