Sunday, October 30, 2005

Harry in Pogo

Pogo's list of films for diwali has added delight to my diwali celebrations. Pogo is telecasting films under the name "diwali jadoo mantar" starting from oct 27 to Nov 1. Pogo has started with "Baby's Day Out" on oct 27 and is continuing with "Home Alone", "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone", "Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets" and ends with "Richie Rich" on Oct 31.

Being a great fan of the boy wizard i was particularly interested in the Harry Potter movies. I have already seen the three Harry Potter movies two to three times. Still i wanted to see the first movie today and i enjoyed it. "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire", the fourth film is set for a grand release on Nov 18 in our country when i am in the middle of my semester exams. The book was awesome with the storyline moving on with the triwizard championship filled with suspense till the end. The trailors of the fourth movie looks good and i can't wait to see how the various events of the triwizard tournament have been depicted in the film. I am sure about seeing the movie but i have'nt decided about the date and time. As of now i have started reading the fifth book "Harry Potter and the order of Phoenix" and as usual it is mesmerising like the previous books.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Heavy Downpour in Madurai

Good to see heavy rain in Madurai after quite a long time. Today it has been raining from evening 7.00 and slight drizzling continued till 12 and it kept me waiting in Mattuthavani Busstand for around one hour from 7:30 to 8:30. It has been raining hard in Madurai for the past two weeks and today it was little high when compared to the other days. Already the kalvai(canal) near my house has started to overflow and water has started entering our area. Now our area looks like venice with houses surrounded fully by water. Almost all parts of Tamilnadu has received good rainfall and Mettur dam is already overflowing and most of the low lying villages of cauvery delta areashave been inundated. Last year Mettur dam was empty owing to lack of rain during monsoon season and this year it has reached its maximum limit within two weeks of rain. Last year the farmers were affected because of lack of rain and were fighting for release of water from Mettur and this year Mettur is full and water is going to the sea without any use. After some years Tamilnadu has received heavy rainfall and it has resulted in floods in many parts probably due to the lack of proper plan. Something needs to be done about this.

Monday, October 17, 2005

GNUGet Website Modified

Atlast i modified the GNUGet website on last weekend. I had been thinking about changing the website design for many months and i did it in the last weekend. I started it on saturday morning and i did it slowly starting with the design of the header picture for the website using GIMP. After sometime i was engaged in HomeAlone-3 in HBO and qualifying race of the final grand prix of the year - the chinese grand prix. After spending 2 - 3 hours on TV i started the website work again and it continued for the next day. So on sunday i finished the work with taking screenshotsof GNUGet for the screenshots page and finally uploaded the pages on Geocities on sunday night. The link is Check out the link and send feedbacks about the software and the website.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Local Channels Again

It may be a happy moment for many in madurai. The local channels have started their service again. On tuesday when i switched on the TV i was happy to see Media Television (looks like the old Madura TV). Then i spent about 30 minutes searching for the other channels. Soon i found Krishna and Vaigai. The local channels stopped their service around july 2003 when i was waiting to join my college. After two years they have started it again and now i can enjoy watching new songs, new films and good action hollywood movies. Except for the advertisements which run for around 15minutes everything is good. What is so good about the local channels is, there are no serials and they donot talk for 15 minutes before a song. Previosly there were around six or seven local channels like MCC, AMN etc. Now there only three channels. As of now they seem to have a very small collection of songs and the same songs keep repeating again and again and there are no movies. Waiting for other channels also. Hope they start it soon.