Saturday, August 13, 2005

Cyber Website Launched

Preperations for our department National level Symposium is going on in a rapid pace. My part was to do the dynamic part of the Website i.e creating pages for Online Registration and Feedback Form .Everything was working fine during testing in local environment. But while launching the condition was not the same as we had expected. we encountered problems with establishing connection with the database . We searched the Docs ,Googled but everything seemed okay .We were not able to find and correct the problem on that evening .As a result we launched the site with static pages .Today we were able to identify the problem and we were able to correct it with just 30 minutes of work .Still there are some minor changes to be made in the code .We expect to finish everything tommorow .

I encounter problems when it touch something related to Apache,PHP and MYSQL but everytime i learn something new .Most of the time it is because of some unnoticed configuration details that needs to be enabled or disabled. Now everything looks fine .The next task is some thing related to file uploading for softwares and papers .

Friday, August 05, 2005

GNUGET Released

GNUGET ,a frontend for the Wget utility available in GNU/Linux was released by me on last month. I did it for the Linux Programming contest conducted in our college last year .When i submitted it for the contest it was good enough to be even considered as a software . I spent some days redeveloping the software during my semester holidays .Now it looks better than its older version .First i released it in geocities and then i registered a domain in dot Tk . GNUGET can be downloaded from the site .I just preparing for my next project GMessenger ,an instant messenger that is can be used in GNU/Linux environment .It is planned to be developed as a team work by Subramani,Praveen and myself .Hope we finish it soon .

DB2 Certified

I am returning to blog after a very long interval .I got my IBM 700 certification on 24th of July ,and it was achieved without much effort . I just spent some two to three hours for the preparation along with my friends Subramani and Sriram .There were some 6 PDF's that were given as study materials . We didnot even look into it deeply .The questions were centered around basics of SQL and basic DB2 concepts and were easy.Funny to get a international certification with just two to three hours of study and without knowing much in depth about the concepts .Thanks to Ramji and Nirmal for their timely helps .Anyway i am happy about it and now i am just passing away my time listening to 'Anbae Aaruyire' songs .