Sunday, March 26, 2006

Entitled to Elect

Last week i got my voter's identification card and from now on my vote may play a vital role in determining the fate of India :) provided someone doesnot use it before i go to the polling station. I was asked to come to take photo for the identification card on March 8. My second internal exams started on 9th so i had time on wednesday afternoon to take the photo. The way in which the photo was taken is something unforgetable. The photographer came so close and he might have kissed me i he had been a little more closer. Finaly the photo was taken with the digicam just a centimeter or so away from the tip of my nose. I expected the photo to be beautiful considering the way the photo was taken. I received the identification card two days later as the lamination material was not available on that day. What i thought didnot go wrong, the photo was too good that even i could not take a second look of my picture there. So beautifully taken. I learnt from the card that i could use the card as identification card for other government purposes. But i dont think it would serve to identify me as most of the information seem to belong to some sen and surely they dont belong to me.

I lost track of what is going on in the politics of TamilNadu in the recent days. No clue about which all parties have formed what alliance. It is surprising to see how politicians could change sides so quickly. They keep talking about party's policy and kolgai always but when elections are announced all seem to evaporate so suddenly. Adding to all these are the new parties formed by actors. It is interesting to watch the campaigns of the actors, their talk is filled with punch dialogues and uncountable number of promises. Amidst all these i heard that 5 IIT graduates are going to contest. This is a good news and it would be much better if every contestant is well learned.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

CAS in Action

Hurray!! After a tiresome work on saturday CAS-Central Authentication System popularly called Single Sign On came into effect. We have been working on this for about three months starting from December. We started this on December without a single hint about what we are supposed to do. It was like walking in the dark forest, knowing nothing about our next step. But all went fine under seniors guidance and here we are, at the edge of a finishing it. Still a lot of loose ends to be tied up and everything would be fine once all are done. Lot of problems are sure to occur. Hope everything goes fine without problem.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Staying in touch with TVSLMHSS

This is all about the community for TVSLMHSS in orkut. For those who donot know about TVSLMHSS, it is a well known school in Tamilnadu and it was there i did my schooling. I was not aware of what was happening there in the school and how is it going after i left. Thanks to orkut, it has linked me again with the school or atleast with the students and alumni of my old school. Orkut has an active community for TVSLMHSS with 199 members and the owner is Guruguhan Meenakshisundaram. The discussions going on there reminded me about the classes. One such discussion was about their favourite teacher. It was interesting to read the replies. Most of them quoted Mr.Balu,our english teacher as their favourite and their replies contained a number of his famous and interesting dialogues. I felt like sitting in my class on reading thosee replies. I enjoyed the seven years i studied there. It was something great, the teachers were cool and understanding, the whole environment rocked. My memories are still fresh and i could go on talking about that for one full day but i have no intention of doing that.

And about the recent developments in the school, Mr.Sudhakaran has left the school so it is the turn of Mrs.Uma Ramesh of Maths department to act as the principal of the school. And Mr.Ramesh sir of Biology department is the vice principal. My favourite teacher Nagarajan sir of the physics department is the assistant principal. Mr.Rajkumar of biology department has left the school and is working as the vice principal in chethana school in Madurai. This is what i got from orkut and i am not sure how much of it is true. And i think they have purchased some more buses increasing the count further.