Saturday, June 24, 2006

Back to normal

Three to four weeks of tension, trepidation, alacrity .... Now it is all over. Atlast offer from a company which is a part of India's largest business conglomerate. The selection process was simple and good, starting with aptitude which was online. It was followed by the technical and HR interview which tested the communication skills and little of prudence. Following this was the one day wait for the results. That proved to be a long wait with anxiety increasing every single moment. And finally it is all over and the result was positive for me. So now back to normal work and normal life which is proving out to be more monotonous and mechanical.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Interesting C Question

A simple C question, What is the maximum size occupied by a structure? This question was asked by R* after reading some C books as a part of his placement preperation. The question is very very simple still i wanted to check how many are like me.

main ()
struct simple
int a,b,d;
char c[2];

int size;
size = sizeof (tmpob);
printf ("Total size of structure : %d\n",size);
return 0;

Predict the answer and give some explanation so that i may know the answer.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Consistent team ever

Just five more days to go for the FIFA world cup. With all the warm up matches over, the whole world is waiting for the great event to unfold. Wonder where India is ? They are in a very formidable 117th position. They have successfully retained their 117th position for the second year. No one to challenge them for their position. They should have done a lot of work to stay in that position. Hats of to them. Waiting to see who is going to win the contest. Too many contenders b razil, england, germany, france etc.... but my support goes to brazil and france.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Stepping into Final year

The VI semester exams came to an end on may27 and with that ended the eventful third year. The third year went fine except for the marks which continued the same decreasing trend. A lot happened in the last year like gr8 gr8 CAS, department symposium which still remains fresh in my memories, fabulous FStival '05, interesting intra and inter department contests, spicy industrial visit, numerous night labs, fun with seniors, thiki thenarum seminars, delicious treats (delicious till u dont spend) and a lot more. Fun and work constituted third year. All that has ended and now its time to take up the new role, the final year and senior most students of the college. A lot more may come this year results,placements,fun etc etc etc ........