Friday, March 28, 2008

What to do during free time

Most of us have our own idea of spending free time, anyway this is just a hint of what i do during free time. If you are against generalisation read the title as "What sen does during free time". By free time i mean the time you are trying to kill, when you are deprived of electronic gadgets and if you do not want to do any
useful work.

Newspaper is the best friend

Newspapers are mighty tools that help in killing time. Anyway it depends on the choice of the newspapers. There are few newspapers here in bangalore which contain nothing but gossips. Starting from hollywood, bollywood the gossips boils downs to that of individual personal life. If a techie eats it becomes a news, if he  breaks his  relationship with his girlfriend it becomes the headlines. Sudokus in  newspapers also help a lot.

Phone a Friend

Sounds like a Kaun Bangega Crorepati option, is it ? This is one of the best options that i use almost every  night. If there is a friend who is in the same state like you, without work, with no option left to kill time,  then he is the right choice. Pickup the phone call him and talk rubbish for hours until you feel sleepy. Since   i have good amount of free talktime for local calls, talking for hours has not troubled me.

Sit and Stare

The most effortless option, lie down on your bed or if possible on the terrace, stare at the sky or ceiling and  let your imagination run wild. Think about what will happen tomorrow, what will happen if you meet a  beautiful girl tomorrow or what will happen if you get a chance to thrash your manager... If you want to  test your memory, think about what happened this day, last year. Rummaging through the past will always be interesting, as long as the present is pleasant.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Specifying categories for posts from weblogger

After all it is possible to specify categories for the blogs posted
from the weblogger mode in emacs. All you have to add is to add the
"Keywords" section to the header and specify the categories as comma
separated values. The only limitation is that, you cannot add any
new categories using weblogger.

If the header that you get is something like this,

--text follows this line--

Add the "Keywords:" header and specify the existing categories,
something like,

--text follows this line--

Now the only feature that is needed to make the configuration complete
is adding tags. Searching for ways to add that.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Using Weblogger mode in Emacs

Wow finally i was able to blog from emacs. First had thoughts ofwriting a python client using xmlrpc for posting in wordpress but thatwas all before i came to know about the weblogger mode. What has to be done to enable the weblogger mode in Emacs ? All you have to do is to download the weblogger.el and the xml-rpc.el to a directory of your choice and enable them. Once you downloadthe el files add the following lines to your .emacs file

(add-to-list 'load-path "")
(require 'weblogger)

Now reload the configuration or restart emacs. Weblogger need xml-rpc and URL. If you have them  installed, Emacs would startup without any problems. Setup weblogger using the command, M-x weblogger-setup-weblog and enter the weburl, username and password. For wordpress the URL is http://yourblogaddress/xmlrpc.php

Now you are done, start blogging using M-x weblogger-start-entry.

There are still few loose ends to be tied up to make the webloggercomplete for my account. Still i am not able to specify the title and the category for the post. Hope to do that soon....

Test - Trying to post from emacs

Testing to blog from emacs. No idea about whether this will go
through fine. If you are reading this post, there will be a post
above this explaining the same.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Few funny phobias

Was reading through the list of phobias, and these are some which i thought to be funny or weird.

ablutophobia - fear of bathing
callophobia - fear of beauty
neophobia - fear of change
pantiphobia - fear of everything
xenophobia - fear of foreigners
polyphobia - fear of many things
musophobia - fear of mice
demophobia - fear of people
acoustophobia - fear of sound
lalophobia - fear of speaking
logophobia - fear of study
phronemophobia - fear of thinking
basophobia - fear of walking
plutophobia - fear of wealth
ergophobia - fear of work
cibophobia - fear of food
geliophobia - fear of laughter
venustrophobia - fear of beautiful women
Eisoptrophobia - fear of seeing oneself in mirror :D
Somniphobia - fear of sleep

Last but not the least, the phobia of many bachelors

Phalacrophobia - fear of becoming bald