Saturday, September 24, 2005

Night lab in college

Yesterday we had night lab in our college. It went well and i enjoyed a lot in the company of Subramani, Musi, Sen, Sara and vasanth. After the DAA seminar i returned to the lab at around 6:30pm and i am still in the lab and Now the time is 2:30 in the morning. We had a lot of fun here with the prefinal years(us) teasing the seniors and the seniors teasing us in turn. Probably sara was the most affected person. He left the lab like a guy running away from Tsunami and the Tsunami, i mean the reason was us. We teased him like anything and we were rolling on the floor laughing ==)) seeing the way he was trying to escape . Hope Sara did not get offended by the silly comments.

And after some time each of us proceeded with our work. The seniors were doing something related to their project. Subramani and myself were studying about PVM and were trying to correct a matrix multiplication program written using PVM. It took a lot of time and finally we found the solution to the problem at around 5:00am in the morning. Other guys were burning CD's for souvenir. Atlast we left the lab at 6:00am in the morning. It was a pleasant experience to spend whole night in the college along with other guys and seniors.

DAA seminar

Today we had the DAA seminar by Mr.Pandurangan. He gave an intersting talk on basics of algorithms. As it was the first session he gave just introduction about the algorithms like why one should study algorithm and the need for various algorithms. His speech was very interesting and it created a liking towards the algorithm. He taught us about the various paradigms of algorithm like pruning. Tommorow we have two sessions, first from 9.00am to 12.00am and the second session from 2.00pm to 5.00pm. Hope it goes well .

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

PVM tutorial link

This link contains tutorials about PVM starting from the Installation, configuration and setting up of PVM cluster and about the various methods used for programming in PVM along with their syntax.The html version of the tutorial is available at

and the postscript version of the book is available at

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Coder's Congregation

Coder's Congregation the online programming contest conducted as a part of our department symposium today was a great success. we had a good response to Coder's Congregation. The total number of participants reached 29 greatest in the past two years after online programming contest has been launched. We also had contestants from companies like Microsoft, Cisco and Trilogy. The event started sharply at 11am in the morning. Once the contest started the contestants were very fast and we got the first upload in just 10minutes. It was awesome to watch the status page getting changed so fast with uploads reaching us every few minutes. Sen was in online in trichy and we had Sriram here for online clarification of doubts about the programs. In the middle we encountered a problem with the status page but it was solved soon and the contest continued peacefully. We felt more elated on seeing the feedbacks. Most of them had appreciated about the way the event proceeded without interruption and about the questions. Some had given some valuable suggestions. Overall the event went well and we are happy about it.

First Seminar in College

I took my first seminar in college two weeks back in Java . I had relatively large topic to cover and it was fully on "The collectionframework" in Java. It lasted for around 2 hours. In the first hour i covered theCollection Interfaces and the Collection Classes and in the next hour which was on the next day i covered Maps. This seminar needs special mention as it is my first seminar after joining the college. After the seminar in Java, on Sep 16th i took a seminar in compiler design. It lasted for around twenty minutes. I didnot prepare fully so i wasnot able to teach in the way i wanted. Though these seminars make us study even before the internals, seminars like these help us in overcoming stage fear and improve ourpresentation skill.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

FStival 05

FStival 05, the software freedom day was celebrated in our college on September 10th. It was a organised by GLUGOT and GlugMadurai. It was a good experience for us. The chief guest was Dr.M.Murali from AUKBC chennai. He gave a small and interesting talk about the philosophies and the ideologies of Free Software and OpenSource. It was good to meet our seniors Mr.Amalon Joe Steeve and Mr.Balamurugan. Joe has changed his hair style and Bams (balamurugan) had doubled in size after going to Bangalore. I gave the welcome address and in doing i so i gave PHD to joe by welcoming him as Dr.Amalon Joe Steeve. Praveen handled the MOC, Sen talked about the Glugot activities and Musi (muthusivam) gave the vote of thanks. We had a good support from our second years. They handled most of the stalls and we third years took GTK Glade and LAMP. Karthick Balaji from REC and Venkat of IT took GIMP and Shell Script. Altogether the Stalls was good. I felt more convinced when i finished my stall that is GTK Glade. But what still irks me is the crowd that turned up on that day. The total number of students from our college was very less. I still wonder why dont they turnout in large members. The meetings are also arranged for them but still they dont respond to it. That needs to be discussed.

After the software freedom day celebrations it was time for partying. First stop was at annan kadai in college with Bams sponsoring the little treat. Each one had a double Omlette and a slice while Joe was at ATM preparing f0r the next treat in Hotel Park in Palanganatham. As Bams was going to Dharmapuri he didnot come to next treat. So we went to park by 6:30 pm discussing a lot about the future plans with Joe doing most of the talking. And then in Park we had a nice treat which lasted till 9pm after which we departed. Hostel guys went to Thotti jaya but subramani, musi and myself returned home.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Internals Over

Today i am free after finishing my second internals .Relieved from three days of mental pressure .Regarding my preformance in this internals it is not good . I thought of putting up of fine performance but that means i should be studying which i did not do. I have not done my compiler Design and DAA paper well . I am expecting very low marks in both these papers .Hope to do well in next internals atleast .

And today we are having a night lab for our department symposium but unfortunately i will not able to stay for it . My mom and dad have gone to Nagerkovil for my Brother's marriage and i should be taking care of my pet (Tommy) who would probably be sitting alone in house and waiting for my arrival .No problems we would be having atleast one more night lab and i can stay for that . On friday we have the software freedom day celebrations in our college and that would keep us busy tommorow .To end life is going normally without serious problems hope it continues the same way .