Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Drupal Again

Yesterday a website was created and launched in just two to three hours. Thanks to Drupal. Drupal is really making our work a lot easier. The first time we worked in Drupal was when we redesigned the college website, now it is the glugot site. We had been thinking about moving the glugot site running in mediawiki to some other CMS for a very long time. Yesterday we decided to work on the site and decided on Drupal to finish the Job. Within three hours the work was completed and the site is up and running. We have turned into very fast workers indeed :). Now the site is perfect and looks great. Still there are a lot more modules to be added in Drupal and the contents in website should also be modified. Click here to take a loot at the new website.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Testing Dapper Drake

Got a feel of Dapper drake atlast. Waited for the oppurtunity to test Dapper Drake for a long time after it was released. I could not get it installed in my system as the live CD was not running in my 128MB ram. The oppurtunity to try out Dapper Drake came in the form of my friend vanniaperumal. On saturday we went to his home to install Debian, but the same old problem of debian installer and SATA harddisk spoiled it all. So it was time to test try out the new version of Ubuntu.

The installation proceeded smoothly and there were just 6 easy steps to be done by the user after which the installer does all stuff while we sit back and relax. The GUI or GNOME looks good. But all the efforts seemed to be a waste when we were not able to find EMACS or gcc installed. This is my first experience with Ubuntu Dapper Drake. The next step would be to enable XGL and to test it. Heard that XGL rocks so eager to look how it looks. Though Drape drake looks good, has a good GUI and lot many features it is Debian that rocks. Waiting for the official release of Debian etch on December.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Tech Feast

Opensolaris day was conducted in college on Aug 18th. It was a technical feast to any programmer with a little unix background. Two great minds of SUN Microsystems Mr.Ananth Shrinivas and Mr.Pratap Devarajan were the speakers. They introduced a plethora of tools available in Solaris that would make the life of unix programmer easy. It was amazing to hear about bleeding edge technologies like Dtrace, ZFS, Zones and SMF etc. I also had a feel of Solaris after it was installed in a system in lab. The desktop is the same old GNOME with some customizations but the commands seem to differ a bit from GNU/Linux.

Dtrace was amazing and how the results were interpreted was little more amazing. Both the speakers had unique way of interpreting the bits and addresses thrown out by Dtrace. Zones & ZFS was interesting and are technologies for the future. Pratap who was one of the creators of Belenix also talked about the problems he encountered and the steps in creation of Belenix livecd. There were also instances where GNU/Linux was belittled while comparing it with Solaris. For guys like me who have great passion for GNU/Linux those facts were hard to digest. Except for that it was a great meeting with a lot of mind boggling stuff and introduced us to some great technologies. The opensolaris community has born in our madurai with the creation of Opensolaris user group called MOSUG which is an acronym of Madurai open solaris user group.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Something Something Unakum Enakum - Has Something in it

A lot of hype by my friends led me to the doors of Jeyam theatre to watch SSUE. As usual the cost of the ticket was increased due to the good name the movie managed to gain. Something Something had something to watch in the first half and nothing in the second half. But it had attracted a lot of family crowd and may interest some if it is the first time.

Ravi has done his part well under his brother direction. Santhanam has managed to evoke some laughter from the crowd. It seems that Trisha has realised that it is important for an actress to show some actions and reactions and has tried hard to produce some also looks a little beautiful when compared to other movies. The film had a light doze of comedy throughout. The songs in the first half are gr8. Prabhu is serious throughtout the movie and shows a lot of emotions. Bhagyaraj impresses but does not have a great role to play. Richaa, Manivannan, kalabavan mani just come and go and do nothing.

But it was the sentiments that irritates at lot. Hero risking his life for a toy horse, hero eating rice mixed with chili powder, hero sleeping in the dung den etc etc irritates us a lot. Slightly over doze of sentiments and emotions. SSUE seems to be a film that can be seen together with the family. I could see a lot of crowd getting too involved with the movie and one guy was shouting something like "Oh god the villain has arrived". It may turn out to be a hit for Jeyam ravi.