Tuesday, March 08, 2011

And it continues

I am back from home, and believe me i didn't touch Non-Veg. Yep i consider it a great achievement, considering the consistency with which i have eaten Non-Veg for around 24 years. So this is what happened in home.

I entered my home on saturday morning, there were a few changes in the menu. Saturdays usually go with Fish, but that day it was Mutton and my mom was busy preparing it. Not a good time to say that you have decided to eat only Veg for a few days :( Still i told. What i got was a piercing look from my mom. To me it looked like "Have you fallen into the pit, my son ?". I just smiled. Her reply was pretty awesome. "You will lose your health, they compliment their diet with ghee, dal etc etc, which you dont do". Whats so awesome or puzzling was she used feminine gender. To say exactly in Tamil, she said "Avalga nei, paruppu nu ethavathu saapiduvaalga, unakku ethukku da intha mudivu". Probably she didn't mean anything so didn't give too much of thought about it.

Later my father joined, and i was asked repeatedly "Whom did you tell ? Why this sudden decision ? How long ?". I liked Dad's perspective when he asked, is there any stomach problem and were you advised by some Doctor ? Soon one of our relative arrived and was equally stunned on hearing this. And she went ahead and asked "Are you in love with brahmin girl ?". Appreciate their belief that i will fall in love that too with a brahmin girl. Anyway that was my response to them too.

Sunday, it was more fun. It was fish, something that i like more than other non-veg dishes. When i didn't eat, it got escalated to my sister and she asked a set of questions over phone :( Too many questions, too many doubts for just a simple decision :( :( :( My friends have gone a level up, and have decided upon a few names too.

Whatever it is, i came back from Madurai, without eating Non-Veg. The first weekend went fine.

Anyway, when a non-veg guys decided to eat veg, only strong reason the world accepts is a gal behind that. Or probably you feel for the animals that die. I dont have a strong reason, i dont feel pity for killing animals too, its just a change, just a test, to see how life goes without Non-Veg, how people respond etc etc. Till now, it has proved to be fun ;) Lets see how long it goes......

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Things that don't work with me

Few things which i have attempted many times and failed,

- Sleeping for 8 hours in the night daily.

- Remaining awake in the afternoon at work.

- Avoiding visits to facebook when there is work to do.

- Driving within the speed limits in bike.

- Pretend not to look at beautiful creations on earth when they are walking in front of you.

- Coding from the scratch without looking whether there is already an implementation that can be copied.

- Accepting "vi" as the editor to edit source code.

- Starting early from Office daily.

- Reading a book lying on the bed and not sleeping.

- Trying to remove few thoughts from the mind. I usually endup thinking all day/night about it.

- Recollecting everything that has to be listed down

- Writing a short and sweet blog post ;)