Friday, June 29, 2007


That is the most famous dialogue from the latest superhit Shivaji that is breaking records. The film saw three great men joining hands Superstar, shivaji and ARR. But after seeing the film realised that it is purely a Rajnikanth's film. When there is much logic in Shankar's previous film, searching for logistics in shivaji will not give good results. Wait this is just one view of the movie. For a hard core Rajni fan, the movie is a great treat as it is filled with his style. The style that has given Rajni all this fame makes the film more interesting.

Though Rajni dominates the entire movie, there are some places where u feel the presence of Shankar and ARR. ARR has done a really beautiful job with the background music. In songs u will find the touch of our Shankar.  As usual he continues to spend a lot of money in the songs. It would be unfair to end this without commenting about Shriya. Shriya has gained a lot of popularity from the movie. She has ample to show and has used every opportunity to show it all. Dont forget it is the talent i am talking about now.

Overall the movie reminds about Rajni's movies of late eighties. Though the movie is long and runs for 3.15 hours time flies by.  Rajni looks a lot younger and i got a feeling like he can act for another thirty years with this sort of makeup. Since it is getting late i stop here. To end shivaji is a great movie. No wonder it is breaking records.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

First Post From Bangalore...

Atlast i found a system and some time to blog. After a week in bangalore, i think i have learnt a very little about bangalore. The most enchanting thing about the city is the climate. The climate here is cool like in kodaikanal. Being the heart of IT in India, the cost of living in bangalore is little high. Though the bus boards are written in native language it is possible to move around with the help of local people. A large percentage of the population here in bangalore are capable of talking and understanding three different languages like hindi, kannada and tamil. There are some hotels where it is possible to get south indian food or to be specific tamil nadu food. Bangalore as such seems to be a small city still the traffic jams increase the time of journey by a large factor. Bangalore as a whole looks like a great place to live, still my heart hovers around my home and i am waiting for every opportunity to visit Madurai.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bidding adieu to Madurai

Just a day more before i leave madurai to join my company in bangalore. Twenty one years in madurai has created a lot of love for the city. Ten days visit to chennai during the second year of college increased it a bit. Madurai looked like the ideal place to live. Most of them might not agree with this, but Madurai is more beautiful from one perspective. It is the city that never sleeps. Cant say that the climate is perfect here. Cant say there are many places to visit here in madurai. Still Madurai is better and more beautiful than most of the cities here in TamilNadu. Unique feature of Madurai is that there is always a hotel to  fill your tummy and it is possible to reach all places in Madurai through bus even during midnight. And Madurai is one place where you can find people speaking good tamil. May be this a one side view of Madurai, but found most of them sharing the same view. Will be missing Madurai a lot, the place where i spent the most beautiful part of my life :(

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Great Expectations...

Just two days more before Rajnikanth film "Shivaji" will hit the screens. Already there is a lot of hype about the movie and any small news about the movie is invited with a lot of enthusiasm by the fans.In his last film Chandramukhi Rajnikanth became the highest paid actor in Asia surpassing jackie chan. This time shivaji is getting released in around 5000 theaters around the world and the count is larger than that of casino royale and heard that it is world record.  There was a huge welcome for even the trailer. The trailer looked pretty good. Rajnikanth looked a lot younger with new hair style. From the trailer it was clear that the film will be full of superstar's style and punch dialogues. A.R. Rahman's music is already a hit. "Shivaji" might be a great hit for Rajnikanth, as the craze for him has not died a bit. Anyway in two days the result would be known and i am waiting for my opportunity to see the movie.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

First Successful Kernel Compilation

During the past four years in college made many unsuccessful attempts in compiling the Linux kernel. May be i did not make any serious attempts till now. Anyway at last compiled the Linux kernel successfully today. A server in college was fitted with QLA2312 fibre optic card and the kernel being old did not have the driver. So we started with the job of compiling the latest linux kernel and it helped in finding where i went wrong during the past. I have seen seniors compiling kernel without initrd or initial RAM disk. So i was trying to do the same. initrd is not required as long as the kernel contains support for the hard disk and other devices inbuilt and not as a module. This time we tried with creating initrd, and we were successful. Still the task of compiling the kernel without creating initrd, remains. That would be the next task.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Fake One

Successfully completed the fake "HarryPotter and the deathly hallows" at the cost of one night sleep. Had the book even before the news about the book occupied the front pages of newspapers. First, read around two hundred pages and was convinced that it was fake as it deviated 100% from JKR's ways. Since the holidays were moving a lot slower decided to give it a try once again and finally completed few days back. Though i am sure it would be nowhere near the original work of JKR, it can called a reasonably good attempt. There was more of snogging, shagging and other stuffs and a little of story here and there. Looked like the story was developed from reviews and predictions of readers of the previous six books. Lacked foreshadowing, which has been the greatest tool of JKR in attracting the readers. Still it is a good attempt and hope the story of the real harry potter does not match with that of the fake one which most of the HP fans have already managed to read. The recent news is that there are still fifty more pages to be added to the already voluminous 659 pages of the fake one.

Walking down the memory lane

Was involved in the process of cleaning my room and found eight hall tickets, two hidden internal mark sheets, numerous test and assignment notes that made me nostalgic and took me back to the college days. Though the college life has ended, the memories continue to haunt. The four years gave different experiences, some good some bitter. Put together they look beautiful. Past looks beautiful as long as you enjoy the present. Here is a brief account of my four years in college.

First Year : During the first semester i was a sincere student and did nothing other than studying, writing assignments, doing maths tutorial etc etc. Got GPA of 9.0, the highest in my college life. During the EDC  class in second semester, got back the old habit of talking and singing. The guy responsible for this happens to be my friend sriram. During the first year i never missed A5 or B14 (buses).

Second Year : Became a member of the team maintaining TCENet, college intra net portal. Got the opportunity to meet a number of seniors. The seniors together formed a formidable team. Had a great time with them and learnt a lot from them too. It was there i got introduced to GNU/Linux, FOSS and mailing lists. Went to virtusa as a part of internship program, came back and contributed very little to the project AAOSK offered by team virtusa. Attended GLUGOT meetings, started studying PHP and started a small project called openquiz. Played a small role in organizing FStival'04, the software freedom  celebrations in college.

Third Year : CAS and Cyber 05 are the two notable things during the third year. Designed the web portal for Cyber 05. Cyber 05 gave a lot of experiences, some good, some bitter and both are fresh in
memory. Started the project Centralized Authentication System for the college. Parallel processing lab became a second home as night labs forced me to stay in lab most of the time. Successfully finished and launched CAS. Along with seniors organized FStival'05. Had a great time with the finalyear students. Switched over to B5, the last bus to college.

Final year : Placed in TCS and then in HP. In between had Honeywell interview where i managed to gather a bit of courage to argue with the interviewer. During the seventh semester, contributed to the redesigning of college website. Along with the third years organized FStival'06. During the final semester there was abrupt change in my character and found it very difficult to listen to classes. Spent time in class listening to stories of my friend vanni or sleeping peacefully. Spent most of the afternoon or project time in pump house. Left the habit of writing assignments on own and studying for internals. Started missing B5 and came five, ten or fifteen minutes late to college. Saw a lot of movies. Final year gave opportunities or enjoyment which i think i utilized well.