Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Fake One

Successfully completed the fake "HarryPotter and the deathly hallows" at the cost of one night sleep. Had the book even before the news about the book occupied the front pages of newspapers. First, read around two hundred pages and was convinced that it was fake as it deviated 100% from JKR's ways. Since the holidays were moving a lot slower decided to give it a try once again and finally completed few days back. Though i am sure it would be nowhere near the original work of JKR, it can called a reasonably good attempt. There was more of snogging, shagging and other stuffs and a little of story here and there. Looked like the story was developed from reviews and predictions of readers of the previous six books. Lacked foreshadowing, which has been the greatest tool of JKR in attracting the readers. Still it is a good attempt and hope the story of the real harry potter does not match with that of the fake one which most of the HP fans have already managed to read. The recent news is that there are still fifty more pages to be added to the already voluminous 659 pages of the fake one.


senthilkumaran said...

Learnt that the fake one circulating is a plagiarised version of the story written by MelindaLeo's fan fic "the seventh horcrux". The original story is available at;. Few more stories that donot infringe any copyrights is available there..

saikrishna said...

Hi na... tried something new :)
delete the previous comment please :)