Friday, June 29, 2007


That is the most famous dialogue from the latest superhit Shivaji that is breaking records. The film saw three great men joining hands Superstar, shivaji and ARR. But after seeing the film realised that it is purely a Rajnikanth's film. When there is much logic in Shankar's previous film, searching for logistics in shivaji will not give good results. Wait this is just one view of the movie. For a hard core Rajni fan, the movie is a great treat as it is filled with his style. The style that has given Rajni all this fame makes the film more interesting.

Though Rajni dominates the entire movie, there are some places where u feel the presence of Shankar and ARR. ARR has done a really beautiful job with the background music. In songs u will find the touch of our Shankar.  As usual he continues to spend a lot of money in the songs. It would be unfair to end this without commenting about Shriya. Shriya has gained a lot of popularity from the movie. She has ample to show and has used every opportunity to show it all. Dont forget it is the talent i am talking about now.

Overall the movie reminds about Rajni's movies of late eighties. Though the movie is long and runs for 3.15 hours time flies by.  Rajni looks a lot younger and i got a feeling like he can act for another thirty years with this sort of makeup. Since it is getting late i stop here. To end shivaji is a great movie. No wonder it is breaking records.

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