Thursday, February 21, 2008

The 100th post

This post happens to be the 100th post in wordpress, considering the posts in blogger this is the 151st. Started blogging before three years on seeing my seniors who themselves were active blogger when they were in college. Soon a there was a small congregation of bloggers who still hold on to the habit. If you are curious to know who they are, peep into the links at the side of this blog. Soon blogging became a habit, and if the blog remained without any updates for a long time, it certainly looked like a pending job. The most encouraging thing is whatever junk is posted there is atleast someone to read the junk you have posted. Example could be the Kanaa Kaanum Kaalangal post, it was overwhelming to see the replies for the post though the reason is the fame of the serial. After coming to office the rate of  blogging has decreased greatly. As bugs continue to bug the life, most of the time is spent in office and spending time on blogging has become difficult. Lot of things flash at times but posting in blog has become
difficult. But blogging has turned into a inveterate and think will not die just like that.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Posting from ScribeFire

Came across this plugin for firefox called scribefire. Scribefire is a blog editor that integrates  with the browser and lets you to easily post to your blog. So thought of giving it  a try. If this post gets updated in my blogsite, then i would say "Scribefire is cool". One more information that i found while configuring scribefire is, Scribefire seems to be using xmlrpc for communication with the  blog site, though i am not sure.

Powered by ScribeFire.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Guifications in Pidgin.

Had been using Pidgin very long time for both my office and personal IM accounts. One missing feature that i never noticed was missing notifications when a buddy comes online or goes  offline. Started searching  and came across Guifications, a plugin for pidgin that will show a popup for a number of  configurable events. Guifications can be downloaded and installed  from the following location.

It notifies you for a lot of events but what i wanted was when my friends login and logout of their IMs. I default popup that notifies failed to impress me, so started searching some themes for Guifications and found a lot of cool and colourful themes in the  following link.

Installation of theme is easy, all you have to do is to unzip and  place the folders at the correct location. In windows it is the  following directory

<PIDGIN INSTALLATION DIR>\pixmaps\pidgin\guifications\themes

If you have the habit of displaying the song you hear as the status, musictracker plugin will help you in doing so in Pidgin. Check out for information about the  same.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Kollimalai - Serene and Splendid

Visited kollimalai last week along with seniors, and it turned out to be a great one. Kollimalai was not a well known hill station in Tamilnadu. Not much visited by tourists i guess. Located at around two hours from salem, kollimalai remains undisturbed from tourists harassment . Serenity lends beauty to the place. No traffic, not many people around to disturb you. You are alone with your friends to enjoy the beauty of the hill station. You also have an opportunity to capture the untouched nature in your digicam. The most interesting spot in there is the "Athisaya Aruvi", the waterfalls. To enjoy the the waterfalls you have to climb down around 500 steep steps. The cool water drops falling from the steep rocks looks marvellous and so is the feeling when it falls down and splashes on your body. Few other places include

Arapalliswarar temple
vasalurpatti which has a small lake with boats
Semmedu where there is a small statue of Valvil Ori statue.
A small lake, i forgot the name.

There were few more temples and spots. The most interesting part of the stay in kollimalai is the early morning trekking which we had. Roamed around the gardens and hills there in kollimalai enjoying the early morning chillness. On the return trip went to Hoganekkal, the ride in the calm waters of the cauvery water was great. This happened to be the first trip with super super super seniors. The showed a lot of maturity in organizing the trip, and the trip ended with out any problems.

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