Friday, February 01, 2008

Kollimalai - Serene and Splendid

Visited kollimalai last week along with seniors, and it turned out to be a great one. Kollimalai was not a well known hill station in Tamilnadu. Not much visited by tourists i guess. Located at around two hours from salem, kollimalai remains undisturbed from tourists harassment . Serenity lends beauty to the place. No traffic, not many people around to disturb you. You are alone with your friends to enjoy the beauty of the hill station. You also have an opportunity to capture the untouched nature in your digicam. The most interesting spot in there is the "Athisaya Aruvi", the waterfalls. To enjoy the the waterfalls you have to climb down around 500 steep steps. The cool water drops falling from the steep rocks looks marvellous and so is the feeling when it falls down and splashes on your body. Few other places include

Arapalliswarar temple
vasalurpatti which has a small lake with boats
Semmedu where there is a small statue of Valvil Ori statue.
A small lake, i forgot the name.

There were few more temples and spots. The most interesting part of the stay in kollimalai is the early morning trekking which we had. Roamed around the gardens and hills there in kollimalai enjoying the early morning chillness. On the return trip went to Hoganekkal, the ride in the calm waters of the cauvery water was great. This happened to be the first trip with super super super seniors. The showed a lot of maturity in organizing the trip, and the trip ended with out any problems.

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Balamurugan said...

entha batch seniors da?

senthilkumaran said...

prabhu anna set bams. Ekanth anna batch.......

Subramani said...

Dei "A small lake, i forgot the name" --> That is "Muthaankulam Lake".

senthilkumaran said...

@Subramani - Yeah... You have good memory power buddy...

MUTHU said...

the water falls is Aagasa gangai Neerveezhchi :) - not athisaya aruvi ;)

gopal said...

hi senthilkumaran
can u pls share with me where you stayed there and which travels u plp used for the trip
the photos looks like the place is adventurous
i like to plan a trip with my friends to this spot
it will be helpful if u can give me the info.

senthilkumaran said...


Actually forgot the place where we stayed. Nearby there was a lodge called nallathambi. The one we stayed and nallathambi seem to be the two lodges there. Transport was arranged from our place. Anyway enjoy the stay there, and get ready to be mesmerized by the beauty of virgin nature.

Manimaran said...


Next time please visit our resorts, for further details