Friday, February 08, 2008

Guifications in Pidgin.

Had been using Pidgin very long time for both my office and personal IM accounts. One missing feature that i never noticed was missing notifications when a buddy comes online or goes  offline. Started searching  and came across Guifications, a plugin for pidgin that will show a popup for a number of  configurable events. Guifications can be downloaded and installed  from the following location.

It notifies you for a lot of events but what i wanted was when my friends login and logout of their IMs. I default popup that notifies failed to impress me, so started searching some themes for Guifications and found a lot of cool and colourful themes in the  following link.

Installation of theme is easy, all you have to do is to unzip and  place the folders at the correct location. In windows it is the  following directory

<PIDGIN INSTALLATION DIR>\pixmaps\pidgin\guifications\themes

If you have the habit of displaying the song you hear as the status, musictracker plugin will help you in doing so in Pidgin. Check out for information about the  same.


Lakshmi Narayanan said...

I used to wonder why notification pop-ups are not available in Pidgin. Thanks for the links..

Mario said...


Kusumsiri said...

Thank you for valid info about Themes directory