Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Unnai Pol Oruvan

Three days leave but i was here in Bangalore for a change. So one full day to be spent. The obvious choice was a movie. So decided for Unnai Pol Oruvan. As usual, headed to Balaji theater for the movie. I had not seen the hindi version "A Wednesday" that got released last year. So UPO is like a new movie, with nothing to compare to find flaws, and very little idea about what the story is. The movie turned out to be good one. It does create an impact. Few good things about the movie is fast screenplay, fabulous acting from the veterans Kamal and Mohan lal, no masala moments, not using technology as some magic, strong story borrowed from hindi version, good selection of artists. The music by shruti hassan, did not disturb the flow of movie, so i would safely quote that it was good. The film was short and ended in just 2 hours including the 15 minutes break. No unnecessary songs, no separate and idiotic comedies.

The movie has a strong message at the end. But the movie seems to be strictly for A class audience. Heavy usage of English which evoked some instant comments from some audience. One such dialogue was "Please talk in binary",  when Kamal needs  a yes/no response. Not sure how many would understand dialogues like that. So i am not sure about the response in B and  C centers. Usually i  feel Kamal is over acting, in this case, i could not find anything like that too. So i liked the movie, it is worth watching and should be watched atleast once.

Thats it, got to get ready for office, so leaving now, do watch the movie.

Trip to Jaladhama

After a long time, a trip once again. This time it was a different one and first of its kind. Weekend visit to a resort. After some discussion, the place was fixed as jaladhama, the resort near Talekad. We started from bangalore at around 7.30, basically to avoid all the traffic and reach the mysore road witout trouble. The drive through Mysore road was cool. First pit stop was at Bidadi, idly shop. It is just a road side shop, but the crowd there ascertained that it is going to be good. It lived upto the expectations and idly superb. Next at shivalli MTR shop, where we had bisibele bath, which was also superb.

The road was good upto Malavalli, after which the tough times started. Every 50 meters of good road was interrrupted with 500 meters of worn out, demolished, road that contained just stones. So had to go slowly. Finally reached the resort at around 1.00 PM. Have to cross the river in motor boat to reach the resort. People there welcomed us with a welcome drink. The room was neat and clean and had all the amenities. The resort has two basketball, volleyball, badminton court and a cricket and football field. So we had 24 hours to spend with all these. After a nice lunch, started playing with badminton, followed by basketball and then with volleyball. After that went for a rowing in the river for around an hour. The most interesting part was the swimming that followed. It was great to swim after around 6 or 7 years.

Next morning, once again started with early morning swimming where we tried some underwater swimming. Then a heavy breakfast and then some badminton once again. After that we headed towards Shivasamudra. This is the third visit to the falls. This time our friend took us to a different view point, near Dargah where i had not gone during my previous two visits. The view of Gaganachukki falls from there was awesome. This is the first i am seeing so much of water there when compared to previous visits. Bharachukki also it was the same, the place where we had taken bath during was nowhere to be seen. After that we started the trip back to our Bangalore. Thus ended yet another good trip.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A quick recap

Quite long, since i logged into wordpress and blabbered something. Was quite busy with my distance learning MS programme and last week completed the mid semester exam. After that it has been quite fun with three movies in two days and a mind that is more or less empty with nothing to care about. Before two days, i was struggling to stay awake when i tried studying, today when i wanted to watch movies i am doing it with ease ;)

Also last week saw Kanthsamy. The movie was a mass masala one, with lavish spending on the locations and very little spending on shriya's costume. Vikram's acting was as usual good. Other than that, not much in the movie.

As far as the exams are concerned, it is the same old strategy of burning the midnight oil before the exams, looking at the question paper and laughing to make sure that you stay happy even you are going to lose everything, writing non sense without pity for the guy who will be correcting it, and after the exams blogging about it. The best part of the answer sheet is the margins.

Other than that not much as of now. Hope to blog often from now, till the next exams.