Saturday, April 22, 2006

Internals Schedule

Third internals started on Monday keeping all busy for six days. The schedule has been quite tight the whole week. This was my schedule for the third internals

Afternoon & Evening : Come back from college at around 2:00pm. Too tired to start studying. Better sleep after a heavy lunch. Wake up at around 5:00 pm. All work and no play makes sen a dull boy. So better play for around 1/2 hrs. It would not be nice to shutdown the system without listening to songs. So listen to songs for 1/2 hrs.Now the time is 6.00pm. The evening looks pleasant. Go for a walk and come back by around 6:30pm.Call Nirmal and ask for the important questions. Spend the next 30 minutes creating the schedule. It turns out to be an optimistic schedule, 3 units for the night and two to be completed in the morning.

Night: Start studying the first question by around 7:15pm and continue till 8:15pm. The subjects are like rocket science. Mom and Dad arrive from office so spend some time with them. Suddenly the time becomes 9.00pm.Its time for dinner. Hmm the dinner also tastes good. So have a good dinner watching songs or serials in TV. Now the time is around 10.00pm, lot of portion to complete. Try studying the units sincerely, unfortunately end up sleeping in the chair. Dad asks to go to sleep(with a little anger). Obey him immediately. Set the alarm at 2.00am and go to sleep at around 10.30pm with just only one question completed.

Next Day morning : Wake up at around 5.00am. Wonder why the alarm did not strike and who switched it off at 2.00am. Too sleepy to study. Forgot to check mails yesterday so check mails,orkut and blogs for 1/2 hour. The time is around 5.30am. Still 4 and 1/2 units to complete. Start studying intensively. Newspaper boy comes at around 6.30am. Not knowing what is happening around the world would be bad. Spend 15 Min for sports and cinema news. Oops time is 7.00am. Got to catch A5 so that i could get a seat and use the 30 minutes in the bus effectively :), so it is time get started. Manage to catch B5 at the last minute that means it is not possible to open the book in the bus. Somehow manage to complete around 2 units in the bus and in between 9 and 9.30.

In the Exam Hall : Get the question paper. The first look of the question paper gives an impression that the question paper does not belong to us. Look at it keenly and laugh (looks to me like greek and latin). See praveen and musi, thank god they are also laughing. Start putting margins to all pages since that is going to be the only good thing in the answer sheets. Oh God ! the two marks are a little tough, compulsory question is not the expected one, no hope of touching questions from 4th and 5th unit. Write something in the paper for 3hours and get prepared to repeat all this for the next exam.

Net result : The internal marks may get a little lower. The probability of continuing the bad run in the externals gets a little higher.