Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Tamil Blog

I started a new tamil blog a week back. No specific purpose behind starting that blog. Felt like starting a blog in tamil. Hence the result is Using the TamilKey plugin for Firefox to write in Tamil. Heard about the tamilkey plugin from my friend subamani. Click here to see his tamil blog. What does it contain, as usual my rants about movies, life, songs and everything that manages to catch my attention. Other than all these, something that you can find in that blog is spelling mistakes. Never in the life i was able to get rid of the spelling mistakes in that blog. Hope to reduce and produce some good posts in tamil soon. Till then bear with me :)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The paradise lost

Xerox Papers

I took this snap when i was rummaging my belongings. These  xerox papers made me nostalgic as i started thinking about those great moments in college. Though i used to collect all the xerox papers, rarely i completed them before the exam. The xerox collection process itself is interesting. During the first year i tried hard to get the book or atleast take the xerox well before the exam. It was exactly opposite during the final year. I remember collecting xerox the day before the examination. I was not even willing to spend some money to take xerox for some subjects. During college days collecting xerox and managing them, searching and locating the xerox before the exam were difficult tasks. After coming out of the college, everything done in college looks beautiful. College looks like "The paradise lost" Yeah, Past appears beautiful as long as the present goes well. Managed to upload most of the photos taken during college days relying on  google servers than on my system hard disk. You can find them here. Now spending time browsing through these pictures and talking with friends about the fun that we had in college. Hmmm.. Life is treacherous.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

ATM songs rock..

This is about the remixed songs in the tamil cinema. Almost all films recently released have one or two remixed songs. Malaikotai had one, the remix of "Ennama kannu" in "Thiruvillaiyadal Aarambam" was a hit. Latest in line is the songs from "Azhagiya Tamil magan" or ATM as it is called popularly. Azhagiya Tamilmagan contains the remix of the the famous song "Ponmagal Vanthaal", if i am right the famous song of sivaji and K.R.Vijaya. In ARR hands the remix looks good. Except for few lines i was not able to understand or even guess other lines. Looks more like a english songs. As usual ARR stands apart from other Music directors and almost all of the songs in the film rocks.

Since i am running out of time, i am stoppign here. Check out of this link for hearing ATM songs

Monday, October 22, 2007

Kana Kaanum Kaalangal

If you are passionate about tamil television programmes, you should have recogonised what the post is about from the title. If you are not a television buff like me, this post may not interest you to a greater extent.

This post is about the serial "Kana Kaanum Kaalangal" in Star Vijay which has managed to gather itself a huge fan following. I am usually against the television serials since i found most of them to revolve around a heroine and a crowd around her, with new problems bombarding them 24x7 and they never stop crying at all. They suck all the happiness that is left in you. But Kana Kaanum Kallangal looks a little different. It takes you back to the school days and differs from the usual mega serials in a lot of aspects. I won't tell that it is free from all trademarks of megaserial but it is worth watching. It has already become popular and Vijay TV is capitalising well on the popularity the serial has achieved. One thing that i like about Vijay TV is they are innovative (though i have a doubt whether they copy from hindi star channels) in few aspects when compared to other tamil television channels which copy the concepts from them.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The latest hobby : Learning to juggle

Without my best friends television and Computer at home, i am exploring other possible ways of spending some time. Though i try to spend most of the time in office i find myself having a lot of time to spend :). One thing which i got interested and which i am trying to learn during my free time is juggling. As usual the inspiration was from one of my seniors here. I saw him Juggling three balls with ease. Since there is no other work at home, thought of doing it. When i tried Juggling i realized i have never used the right brain or the brain that controls the left part of the body.  The left hand refused to cooperate and it was difficult to throw the ball accurately.  With songs in Fever 104 (FM) giving me company i tried juggling for  last two days and i am yet to get a hang of it. But it looks like a good practice and may be it could turn you ambidexterous. One more thing good about juggling is that, i got a topic to post in my blog :)

Today was amazed to see the plethora of sites that turned up when i searched for Juggling in google. These sites also have a step by step procedure to learn juggling as well. Lets see how it goes. If everything goes well may be there will be one more post about it.

Found this link to be useful -

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

cscope with emacs

During my college days i have never heard of cscope at all. The first tool that my mentor asked me to study was cscope as it is often difficult to read large source codes without cscope. I found it difficult to first use cscope since by default opens the source code in vi which i have never used. Heard that cscope can be integrated and gave it a try. It was not a difficult process at all. All you have to do is to set the EDITOR environment variable to emacs, so that cscope opens the files in emacs. You can safely set the EDITOR environment variable in .profile so that it is set every time you login. And for navigation you need to creat TAG table file for Emacs. Emacs has the solution in hand. All you have to do is to use the etags binary that comes with emacs.

The command ( etags `find . -name "*.[h|c]"` )  would create the TAGS file which emacs uses for navigating tags. Now to navigate `M-.` would take you the definition of a function or variable. `C-u M-.` would take you to the next definition. To return back to the original place where the search started the key binding is `C-u M-*`. There are number of cscope.el files available in internet which makes the navigation job easier but i did not try them as i was contented with this.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Subconscious mind at work

Usually i am a like a dead body while i sleep. After coming out of home to work, i am getting weird dreams with combining the new and old characters that have crossed my life Here is one such dream that i felt like sharing. The dream was about Harry Potter. dreams goes on like this. Harry Potter was hiding in a lonely house, which is near to a waterfalls along with his friend Ron. The house has a single door which connects to another portion of the same house about which Harry does not have idea. One day he finds a small hole in the door and through the door is terrified to find that the occupants of the other room were none other than his enemies Crabbe, Goyle and one more guy. Suddenly they start breaking the door, Harry and Ron are left with no option other than hiding in one room. As the sounds of foot steps increase, Harry's trepidation increase. They were not enemies after all because the one who played the role of Harry Potter was none other than myself, the face that got associated with Ron was that of my friend Praveen. Crabbe and Goyle were none other than my school friends. Hmmm it was a weird dream, i have no clue why Harry Potter came in my dream, how it got associated with real life characters etc. It might look like loads of bullshit but to me it was an interesting dream which i still remember :)

While i was at home i slept like a rock unmindfull of what is happening around me. After coming to this new city to work i am getting weird dreams like this. I am not the only person getting dreams like this, read this link for yet another interesting dream of my friend.