Tuesday, October 23, 2007

ATM songs rock..

This is about the remixed songs in the tamil cinema. Almost all films recently released have one or two remixed songs. Malaikotai had one, the remix of "Ennama kannu" in "Thiruvillaiyadal Aarambam" was a hit. Latest in line is the songs from "Azhagiya Tamil magan" or ATM as it is called popularly. Azhagiya Tamilmagan contains the remix of the the famous song "Ponmagal Vanthaal", if i am right the famous song of sivaji and K.R.Vijaya. In ARR hands the remix looks good. Except for few lines i was not able to understand or even guess other lines. Looks more like a english songs. As usual ARR stands apart from other Music directors and almost all of the songs in the film rocks.

Since i am running out of time, i am stoppign here. Check out of this link for hearing ATM songs http://www.hummaa.com/albumpage.php?pg=ja&lg=14&lc=Movies&md=24102

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