Saturday, October 27, 2007

The paradise lost

Xerox Papers

I took this snap when i was rummaging my belongings. These  xerox papers made me nostalgic as i started thinking about those great moments in college. Though i used to collect all the xerox papers, rarely i completed them before the exam. The xerox collection process itself is interesting. During the first year i tried hard to get the book or atleast take the xerox well before the exam. It was exactly opposite during the final year. I remember collecting xerox the day before the examination. I was not even willing to spend some money to take xerox for some subjects. During college days collecting xerox and managing them, searching and locating the xerox before the exam were difficult tasks. After coming out of the college, everything done in college looks beautiful. College looks like "The paradise lost" Yeah, Past appears beautiful as long as the present goes well. Managed to upload most of the photos taken during college days relying on  google servers than on my system hard disk. You can find them here. Now spending time browsing through these pictures and talking with friends about the fun that we had in college. Hmmm.. Life is treacherous.

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