Friday, October 19, 2007

The latest hobby : Learning to juggle

Without my best friends television and Computer at home, i am exploring other possible ways of spending some time. Though i try to spend most of the time in office i find myself having a lot of time to spend :). One thing which i got interested and which i am trying to learn during my free time is juggling. As usual the inspiration was from one of my seniors here. I saw him Juggling three balls with ease. Since there is no other work at home, thought of doing it. When i tried Juggling i realized i have never used the right brain or the brain that controls the left part of the body.  The left hand refused to cooperate and it was difficult to throw the ball accurately.  With songs in Fever 104 (FM) giving me company i tried juggling for  last two days and i am yet to get a hang of it. But it looks like a good practice and may be it could turn you ambidexterous. One more thing good about juggling is that, i got a topic to post in my blog :)

Today was amazed to see the plethora of sites that turned up when i searched for Juggling in google. These sites also have a step by step procedure to learn juggling as well. Lets see how it goes. If everything goes well may be there will be one more post about it.

Found this link to be useful -

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