Monday, October 15, 2007

Subconscious mind at work

Usually i am a like a dead body while i sleep. After coming out of home to work, i am getting weird dreams with combining the new and old characters that have crossed my life Here is one such dream that i felt like sharing. The dream was about Harry Potter. dreams goes on like this. Harry Potter was hiding in a lonely house, which is near to a waterfalls along with his friend Ron. The house has a single door which connects to another portion of the same house about which Harry does not have idea. One day he finds a small hole in the door and through the door is terrified to find that the occupants of the other room were none other than his enemies Crabbe, Goyle and one more guy. Suddenly they start breaking the door, Harry and Ron are left with no option other than hiding in one room. As the sounds of foot steps increase, Harry's trepidation increase. They were not enemies after all because the one who played the role of Harry Potter was none other than myself, the face that got associated with Ron was that of my friend Praveen. Crabbe and Goyle were none other than my school friends. Hmmm it was a weird dream, i have no clue why Harry Potter came in my dream, how it got associated with real life characters etc. It might look like loads of bullshit but to me it was an interesting dream which i still remember :)

While i was at home i slept like a rock unmindfull of what is happening around me. After coming to this new city to work i am getting weird dreams like this. I am not the only person getting dreams like this, read this link for yet another interesting dream of my friend.


rsriram said...

dei then who was hermoin da??? hmmm praveen became pickle for u??

senthilkumaran said...

enda... i usually dont get gals in dream da.. So was not able to find hermione and all.. If i come to know will inform you for sure :)