Saturday, September 29, 2007

Chak De India

The opportunity to see "Chak de India" came in the form of team outing. Yesterday i was at Inox along with my team members to see "Chak De India". The movie turned out to be a great entertainer. The director managed to create magic with Sharukh Khan and 11 other girls. The story starts with a high tension hockey final between India and Pakistan. Indian lose because of miscalculated penalty shot by Shahrukh, who is the captain. After the match shahrukh is accused of getting bribes and is pushed out of  the team. He returns to hockey after 7 years as the coach of Indian women hockey team. How he solves the differences that exist between the team and what they achieve forms the rest of the story.

Shahrukh looks a lot matured and as usual does the role well. Dialogues are plus point but with little knowledge in hindi i could pickup only a few. The hockey matches look realistic. It was a great performance altogether and is a movie worth watching many times.

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