Thursday, September 13, 2007

An inspiring article

As usual was reading one of the tamil weeklies, this time it was "Kumutham" because could not get Anantha vikadan. Apart from a lot of cinema news which i was mainly looking for, one article caught my attention. It was about "Importance of Time", something i never paid much attention. The way the article started was impressive. It started with comparing time with that of money since we(Namma ooru makkal) concentrate more on money and may easily understand the concept. And then it went on to calculate the salary for a minute.

If the salary for one month is 15600, then 15600/(30*24*60) = 36 paise. The point is that people who think a lot before wasting money, dont do the same before wasting time. It also claimed that time is the only thing that can be converted into growth, love, money etc etc. Hmmm seems to be true, but difficult to follow.

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