Sunday, September 02, 2007

"Anantha Vikadan" to the rescue

Since i moved out of my home town to the place where i work, there is very little i hear about what is happening in my state. One thing i missed was the news about tamil movies. About three months before, most of the time was spent in college was spent on watching or atleast talking about the latest releases, actors, actresses etc.  But after coming here i was virtually cut off from the tamil cinema world.

It was at this point of time, "Anantha Vikadan" helped me. Though it was not available at all shops here, i was lucky to find a shop near my home. This was the first time i am spending time on tamil weeklies like this. "Anantha Vikadan" looks pretty good. They provide the latest news in tamil cinema like "Vidyabalan would be the heroine of Vijay's next film Kuruvi". One interesting article was about the life of "Che Guevera" the revolutionist. The short stories are also interesting, so are the little jokes. There are also pages that offer some insight into the current affairs of Tamilnadu politics. On the whole "Anantha Vikadan" is helping me in killing time and knowing something about what is happening in my state.


Nirmalanand said...

Anandha Vikadan has pushed u to the extent of going in search of it during lunch time :)

senthilkumaran said...

yeah true.. You could also give it a try :)