Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Diwali Rush

This happened on Sep 7th friday. I went to office as usual and got prepared to book the train ticket for going home on Nov 6th for diwali. I expected that there would be atleast some tickets left but the entire calculation went wrong. By the time i opened the page to book ticket it was all over. Later learnt that most of my friends in office had the similar fate. None of them were successful. One more news is that, a person who stood third in the queue in railway station was not able to book the ticket

If this is the status of those who have internet access, think about the status of those who don't have access to the technology. If you ask any bangalore local here about this, the first reason he would site is the "explosion of s/w industry" here in the garden city. It has changed the entire life style of the people living here. There exist a visible partition between the techies and the other section of the people. Though the software industry has helped in the growth of the city it has created an apparent division among the two classes of people.  Though most of them will have difference of opinion in this regard, think this is the reason for incidents where techies get beaten up for no reason. The matter to be worried now is "booking ticket successfully for the return journey". Hope i am lucky this time :)

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