Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Removing "Edit Primary Link" in Drupal

Renovation of our college website gave me an oppurtuity to work in Drupal. Did a lot of tweaking and little editing in CSS and just got the feel of Drupal. Drupal rocks with a plethora of features, plugins and modules. It was a great experience to work in a cool CMS like Drupal. One thing in which we got stuck up with was removing "Edit primary links" thing that appeared in all pages. So here comes some of my experience which may help some

1) To remove the "Edit primary links" u have to edit menu.inc files in the include directory. In Drupal 4.7.2 u have to comment lines 814 to 817. The lines could be easily identified.

2) To upload image in a page image module and img_assist modules available in Drupal is used. Drupal image icon can also be added to the Tinymce WYSIWYG editor for easy use. But even after doing all this image may not upload correctly. The problem may be because of the webserver. Apache2 should be configured with --enable-gd-imgstrttf --enable-gd-native-ttf for them to work correctly.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Fascinating FLOSS

I was just searching the various FLOSS softwares that are available for Windoze as a part of preparation for SFD 2006. It was surprising to see the abundance of free softwares for windoze platform. What is more interesting is that they have great functionalities when compared to the original proprietary ones. Free softwares like Emacs, Gaim, GIMP, Blender, Openoffice, Notepad2, NVU, Apache, Inkscape, PHP Triad and of course the gr8 gr8 firefox have started replacing the proprietary tools. There are also a very good and interesting games available like cube, mario,super tux, sudoku and sokoban. I have replaced my windoze environment fully with the FLOSS software and whatever little work i do in M$ OS is done using FLOSS softwares. It is gr8 to enjoy a lot of freedom and work on good, cool, gr8 softwares when compared to the proprietary ACME products.

Friday, July 14, 2006

A dream comes true

A great moment to cherish and to remember in life. Got a job offer from the fortune 11 company whose name was decided based on a toss of coin. This week has been quite busy due to the unfortunate selection for the interview process in the well company. Fortunately or unfortunately i got rejected and got the oppurtunity to attend HP. By god's grace i was one among the 25 who cleared AT out of 287 who attended it. After that all went fine in the technical interview. The HR interview was a bit difficult but all ended fine and by god's grace | miracle | ability | luck i got an offer from the global gaint but the wait for the result was something unbearable. Looking forward to the joining date. So what next, sit back and relax.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Breaking the code

Atlast i found time to see "DaVinci Code" a good movie which raised a lot of controversy in the recent days. It was not released here but there are a lot more ways of doing things. After seeing the movie i got a little interested in cryptanalysis. The "Network Security" classes in college increased the enthu. So i thought of representing my view about the movie in the form of cipher text. So if u are interested in Ciphers, go ahead decipher the simple and stupid cipher and let me know what u have found out. If not leave it as some stupid crap. So here comes the cipher


Hint: It involves two steps with two standard encryption algorithms. In the first step remember the numbers 3,4,5. If deciphered it gives a meaningless text. The text can further be deciphered using the following example. If 'ATWILHA' represents the word "EXAMPLE" what would the resulting text represent. With these hints it would just take seconds to solve. Let me see who solves it. This is my first try with ciphers so i do not know about the quality of question.