Thursday, July 20, 2006

Fascinating FLOSS

I was just searching the various FLOSS softwares that are available for Windoze as a part of preparation for SFD 2006. It was surprising to see the abundance of free softwares for windoze platform. What is more interesting is that they have great functionalities when compared to the original proprietary ones. Free softwares like Emacs, Gaim, GIMP, Blender, Openoffice, Notepad2, NVU, Apache, Inkscape, PHP Triad and of course the gr8 gr8 firefox have started replacing the proprietary tools. There are also a very good and interesting games available like cube, mario,super tux, sudoku and sokoban. I have replaced my windoze environment fully with the FLOSS software and whatever little work i do in M$ OS is done using FLOSS softwares. It is gr8 to enjoy a lot of freedom and work on good, cool, gr8 softwares when compared to the proprietary ACME products.

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