Monday, February 27, 2006

My Google Page

I got my google home page. Just created a simple page today. Contains nothing other than two links to this page and to my gnuget site. It has a lot of templates to choose from and all look good satisfying the tastes of wide variety of people. Lot to explore . Will continue this post after a bit of exploration. If u want to see the page i created today, visit

Monday, February 20, 2006

Disappointing Performance by Indian U/19 Team

It was a very disappointing performance by the indian U/19 team in the finals of U/19 world cup. I thought they would continue their unbeaten streak and return home with the cup. They bowled well to restrict Pak to 110 but Indian batting was something unexpected. I saw them trying desparately at 10-6 in 3.2 overs to save the match and lost all my hopes of India winning the cup. I didnot see the full match so no idea of what went wrong. Anyway 10-6 that to with 5 extras is something which i didnot expect. i think they lost the match finaly.

Team India In Great Form

Congrats to the Indian cricket team for their absolutely mesmerizing performance in Pakistan. India thrashed Pak 4-1 to win the series comfortably. India showed brilliance in all areas. The morale of the whole team would be very high after the series. The most important aspect in the win is the role played by the young players. The youngsters occupied the centre stage and senior players like Dravid and Sachin backed them up and provided the neccessary encouragement. The strategy followed by Indian team was realy amazing and the credit goes to the captain and the coach.

I had the oppurtunity to see the a part of the final match of the series. I came back in time to see the batting of Dravid, yuvraj and Dhoni. Yuvi and Dhoni were in great form through out the series. Their batting proved to be a cynosure to all eyes throughout the series. Yuvraj has been pretty consistent in this series. Yuvraj took the responsiblity and saw to that India won the final match comfortably. Though he was limping with cramps he made sure that India walk through the match with ease. Dhoni provided a excellent finish to the match with some thunderous sixes. Yuvraj and Dhoni's batting were absolute feast to the eyes. Dravid's role should not be underestimated. Because it was he who along with Yuvraj laid a very foundation preserving the wickets and making it easy for Dhoni at the end to go on with shots. On the whole India showed great confidence and temperment. The youngster took up the challenge and performed whenever needed. It was great to see youngsters like RP Singh and Sreesanth rising up to the occasion with some great performances.

On the other hand Pak though they were able to put up high targets they lacked depth in their bowling without Akthar. I was not able to see the other matches but in the final match their fielding was a little worse. They missed some catches and too many runouts. There were also some overthrows which in the end reduced pressure on India and made it easy for them. Pak batsmen and bowlers have a lot of work to be done.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Godfather Song Release

Godfather songs had a grand release today morning in the city with the ultimate star's fans gathering around keestukaanam shop and i heard that there were also paal abhishekams performed to the hero's cutout. I heard all this from my friend Vanniaperumal, a great fan of Ajith. He managed to wake up at 5am and went to the shop to buy the CD. He waited till 7:30 for the arrival of CD and it was he who witnessed all this.

Then coming to the songs in the movie ARR has scored again. The movie has around nine songs and the songs rock. Work of a great maestro, it is sure to rock . I heard the songs around 8 times yesterday and are wonderful. Vanni managed to download two demo video songs from some site. The quality of the video was not good but viewable. Both are duet songs and i managed to catch a glimpse of Asin. Asin looks great in both the songs. She looks slim, young and beautiful, set to steal the hearts of youth. "Thinanthorum Deepavali" song created serious doubts about the character of Asin in the movie. But smartsara cleared my doubts. Sara is really smart when it comes to movies. And after listening to the song many times now i am convinced. The trailor of Godfather also looks good. I saw it in Vijay tv and it runs for about 5 minutes. I feel Godfather will be the film that will help Ajith regain his lost glory. Hope it does.

Trip to Kerala

Relieved from normal work and the college for two days, thanks to the industrial visit to Trivandrum. The IV was on Monday and Tuesday that is on 13th and 14th of February. It turned out to be a great tour which is to be remembered throughout. We started at around 1am on Monday morning in two buses one for each section. It was where the fun started. All were on their feet dancing and rocked the whole bus with their dances and slogans. As usual there were a number of Ohs and Salabula Salabula Gumthalakaa during the journey. There were also guys like me who stayed calm and enjoyed watching the dance of others. Some guys even managed to sleep amidst all this excitement.

Our first stop was at Kanyakumari to see the sunrise. We were on time and were hoping to see the beautiful sight of sun spreading it wings over the blue waters of the Kanyakumari. But as usual the clouds were there to hide everything and disappoint us. We managed to take some good snaps there and continued our journey to Trivandrum. We reached the place at around 10am. Our stay was at a superb cottage called as Rajmahal. The rooms were neat and the whole place looked cool. We visited BSNL on that day. One thing that deserves special mention is the food and hotels in kerala. We had our breakfast at Udipi hotel. The food was good and cheap. But something that still puzzles me is the way food were served in hotels. When we order a single dosa the served us with two dosas and a vada. Probably they thought we were hungry and needed more food than what we ordered. In the afternoon we were late for lunch and were not able to find any hotels. We were hungry so we decided to eat NV for dinner. We managed to find a small NV hotel. The dishes were cheap but too spicy that it brought tears in eyes. My friend Shanoof went to the extent of pouring water on chicken before eating it. Finally we left the hotel with stomachs burning. We had a great sleep after the dumb sherades in the cottage.

The next day schedule consisted of visit to Padhmanabapuram samy temple, US technology. US Technology is a company in Technopark and it is basically a IT service company. They explained us about their company practices and we had an opportunity to visit their office. After that we started our journey back to Madurai after dinner at Nagerkovil. We reached Mdu at around 5:30 in Wednesday morning and i reached home at around 7.

More snaps at

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Back with a Bang

The indian team is back into the series with a comprehensive win in the second ODI against their arch rivals. It was a decent performance by the indian team both in batting and in bowling. Men in blue showed their class through out the game leaving the opponents gasping for runs during their batting and for wickets when India batted. Sehwag started the chase with some thunderous shots and sent the ball all over the field and played a major role in shattering the confidence of the opponents.. Tendulkar played with patience and did his part well. Later Yuvraj and Dravid made it possible for India to win the match comfortably. Indian batsmen never allowed the opponent bowlers to take advantage. Atleast they will not have disturbing comments after this match.

The performance of Indian team in the first ODI was really gr8. If sachin had not been given out to a silly appeal the score would have been much higher. Much to my annoyance the topic that was much discussed after the match was the dismissal of the captain of the opponent team. If at all there is something to be discussed then it is the dismissal of Sachin. And someone criticized Dravid stating that it was not sportsmanship to appeal like that. I would say that the true sportsmanship is to leave the field when the umpires give him out and not to comment about it further. The worst comment that i read in newspaper was "India wanted to win the match desperately either by hook or crook" which was said by a famous cricketer. When we look at the history of cricket we can easily determine the team which has the habit of tampering the ball and using crooky technicques to win the match and surely it was not India. So far Indians have played the game in a way how it is to be played, that is with true sportsmanship and like gentlemen. When we look at the end of first match we can easily find the team which was desperate to leave the field. The weather condition was the same through out the match. Probably if the score was three eleven for five they would have continued till the end of match. Probably i was a bit tensed after seeing the comments about the indian team. Anyway the match is over and i am not a great player to comment about the match.

One more information I started typing this post last night and i slept leaving the computer on. I woke up in the morning startled to see my computer still running. I switched on my computer at around 10 in night and i slept leaving the computer on and i woke up around 7 in the morning. This is not the first time that i am doing this. Should not repeat this again.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

All praise for Google

Google has started to rule the world of internet. Google programmers add something new to their product everyday. It could be noticed if one uses gmail from the begining. One of the impressive feature added to gmail is the integration of google chat inside gmail user inbox. So one would be able to chat with his friends once he enters gmail. There are many other features which i am still exploring. One such option is saving the gtalk converstations in our inbox. The chat window can be made to pop out of the mailbox or can be inside the mailbox while we browse our mails. The whole thing looks gr8 . I think google has made the option available for some of the users and soon it would be available for all. I got it in one of my five gmail accounts probably the one which i use often. With all these features Google is set to rock the world of internet. Hats off to Google

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Life is not short

Finally i found out when i am going to die. ha ha ha

I am going to die at 77. When are you? Click here to find out!

Interesting Death Facts!

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