Saturday, February 11, 2006

All praise for Google

Google has started to rule the world of internet. Google programmers add something new to their product everyday. It could be noticed if one uses gmail from the begining. One of the impressive feature added to gmail is the integration of google chat inside gmail user inbox. So one would be able to chat with his friends once he enters gmail. There are many other features which i am still exploring. One such option is saving the gtalk converstations in our inbox. The chat window can be made to pop out of the mailbox or can be inside the mailbox while we browse our mails. The whole thing looks gr8 . I think google has made the option available for some of the users and soon it would be available for all. I got it in one of my five gmail accounts probably the one which i use often. With all these features Google is set to rock the world of internet. Hats off to Google

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