Sunday, February 12, 2006

Back with a Bang

The indian team is back into the series with a comprehensive win in the second ODI against their arch rivals. It was a decent performance by the indian team both in batting and in bowling. Men in blue showed their class through out the game leaving the opponents gasping for runs during their batting and for wickets when India batted. Sehwag started the chase with some thunderous shots and sent the ball all over the field and played a major role in shattering the confidence of the opponents.. Tendulkar played with patience and did his part well. Later Yuvraj and Dravid made it possible for India to win the match comfortably. Indian batsmen never allowed the opponent bowlers to take advantage. Atleast they will not have disturbing comments after this match.

The performance of Indian team in the first ODI was really gr8. If sachin had not been given out to a silly appeal the score would have been much higher. Much to my annoyance the topic that was much discussed after the match was the dismissal of the captain of the opponent team. If at all there is something to be discussed then it is the dismissal of Sachin. And someone criticized Dravid stating that it was not sportsmanship to appeal like that. I would say that the true sportsmanship is to leave the field when the umpires give him out and not to comment about it further. The worst comment that i read in newspaper was "India wanted to win the match desperately either by hook or crook" which was said by a famous cricketer. When we look at the history of cricket we can easily determine the team which has the habit of tampering the ball and using crooky technicques to win the match and surely it was not India. So far Indians have played the game in a way how it is to be played, that is with true sportsmanship and like gentlemen. When we look at the end of first match we can easily find the team which was desperate to leave the field. The weather condition was the same through out the match. Probably if the score was three eleven for five they would have continued till the end of match. Probably i was a bit tensed after seeing the comments about the indian team. Anyway the match is over and i am not a great player to comment about the match.

One more information I started typing this post last night and i slept leaving the computer on. I woke up in the morning startled to see my computer still running. I switched on my computer at around 10 in night and i slept leaving the computer on and i woke up around 7 in the morning. This is not the first time that i am doing this. Should not repeat this again.

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