Saturday, February 18, 2006

Trip to Kerala

Relieved from normal work and the college for two days, thanks to the industrial visit to Trivandrum. The IV was on Monday and Tuesday that is on 13th and 14th of February. It turned out to be a great tour which is to be remembered throughout. We started at around 1am on Monday morning in two buses one for each section. It was where the fun started. All were on their feet dancing and rocked the whole bus with their dances and slogans. As usual there were a number of Ohs and Salabula Salabula Gumthalakaa during the journey. There were also guys like me who stayed calm and enjoyed watching the dance of others. Some guys even managed to sleep amidst all this excitement.

Our first stop was at Kanyakumari to see the sunrise. We were on time and were hoping to see the beautiful sight of sun spreading it wings over the blue waters of the Kanyakumari. But as usual the clouds were there to hide everything and disappoint us. We managed to take some good snaps there and continued our journey to Trivandrum. We reached the place at around 10am. Our stay was at a superb cottage called as Rajmahal. The rooms were neat and the whole place looked cool. We visited BSNL on that day. One thing that deserves special mention is the food and hotels in kerala. We had our breakfast at Udipi hotel. The food was good and cheap. But something that still puzzles me is the way food were served in hotels. When we order a single dosa the served us with two dosas and a vada. Probably they thought we were hungry and needed more food than what we ordered. In the afternoon we were late for lunch and were not able to find any hotels. We were hungry so we decided to eat NV for dinner. We managed to find a small NV hotel. The dishes were cheap but too spicy that it brought tears in eyes. My friend Shanoof went to the extent of pouring water on chicken before eating it. Finally we left the hotel with stomachs burning. We had a great sleep after the dumb sherades in the cottage.

The next day schedule consisted of visit to Padhmanabapuram samy temple, US technology. US Technology is a company in Technopark and it is basically a IT service company. They explained us about their company practices and we had an opportunity to visit their office. After that we started our journey back to Madurai after dinner at Nagerkovil. We reached Mdu at around 5:30 in Wednesday morning and i reached home at around 7.

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