Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A look back at 2010

This happened sometime in final semester in College. I was arguing with my friend about blogging. My take was that i would blog often after i enter the corporate world too. He was firm on the point that i would get bored and wont do it frequently. What he said is turning out to be right :-)

At the end of 2010, i had a feeling that nothing had happened in the entire year, but when i slowly look back, a lot has actually happened.... (Apdi ennada aachu, ethavathu set aayiduchaa nu kaetkatheenga).

January went fast, remember attending Prabhu anna's marriage and Sriram's anna marriage at Chennai.

Feb, the valentine month, only interesting thing was my mid semester exams. March, i cannot recollect anything. April was interesting with a trip to Yercaud and IPL match. Also attended Pramod Anna marriage at Chennai and non-veg food was amazing. May was important to me, as we upgraded from two wheeler to four wheeler, as we purchased a car for our family. Thought it would be easy to drive in Madurai but i was soon proved wrong as it turned out be a lot lot difficult. This would need a separate post so will skip it for now. It was in May i quit from my first company and ventured out. It was a very tough decision, made tougher because of the huge set of friends i had there. Thank god, i was a little selfish, so finally decided to move out.

Went to Bheemeshwari trip during september. Also purchased Bike here to commute to office. Slowly gained experience and confidence and by the end of the year, i was flying at high speeds ignoring the risks. Also attended FStival and visited college for that.  October was important as it marked the marriage of a guy from our set. Vanni got married on Oct 24. Nov, once again visited college and had night lab after a long long time. It was fun. Also went to Mekedattu during November. During december for the first time went to Hosur, just to roam around and spend a day of weekend. And then visited Nandi hills for the first time in three years.

Also, 2010 was the year, where i ended up seeing a lot of movies. Probably a lot more than the total number of movies i might have seen in theatre from my childhood. 2010 was wonderful, few significant things had happened.

Lets see what 2011 has in store for me. Few things might changes, few things i know for sure won't. Let me wait and watch as it unfolds.