Thursday, September 06, 2007

Chak De India

This post is definitely not about the movie but about the great match between India and England. After a disgusting performance in the world cup by Team India,  i decided not to pay much attention to the matches or the controversies involving cricket. But habits die hard, yesterday in a mess near my home happened to catch glimpse of the match. Soon i found myself focussing on the match more than that of the Chicken in front of me. Sachin's blistering knocks were visual treats. Though i ate slowly could not delay it beyond a certain level. At home could not sit peacefully and finally called my father at night to know the result. When i called my dad, India needed 4 runs from 3 balls and heard that Uthapa finished it in style. The noise and sound of crackers from the nearby mansion announced the mood of cricket maniacs like me. India seems to be in great form, but i am still doubtfull as India is capable of producing suprises. So i am waiting for the result of the final match with my fingers crossed. Hope they do well and come back home with  both the one day and test cup.

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