Tuesday, June 26, 2007

First Post From Bangalore...

Atlast i found a system and some time to blog. After a week in bangalore, i think i have learnt a very little about bangalore. The most enchanting thing about the city is the climate. The climate here is cool like in kodaikanal. Being the heart of IT in India, the cost of living in bangalore is little high. Though the bus boards are written in native language it is possible to move around with the help of local people. A large percentage of the population here in bangalore are capable of talking and understanding three different languages like hindi, kannada and tamil. There are some hotels where it is possible to get south indian food or to be specific tamil nadu food. Bangalore as such seems to be a small city still the traffic jams increase the time of journey by a large factor. Bangalore as a whole looks like a great place to live, still my heart hovers around my home and i am waiting for every opportunity to visit Madurai.

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