Thursday, March 03, 2011

Things that don't work with me

Few things which i have attempted many times and failed,

- Sleeping for 8 hours in the night daily.

- Remaining awake in the afternoon at work.

- Avoiding visits to facebook when there is work to do.

- Driving within the speed limits in bike.

- Pretend not to look at beautiful creations on earth when they are walking in front of you.

- Coding from the scratch without looking whether there is already an implementation that can be copied.

- Accepting "vi" as the editor to edit source code.

- Starting early from Office daily.

- Reading a book lying on the bed and not sleeping.

- Trying to remove few thoughts from the mind. I usually endup thinking all day/night about it.

- Recollecting everything that has to be listed down

- Writing a short and sweet blog post ;)


kmanikandan said...

5th point. You should try first, only then you can succeed :)

S Senthil Kumaran said...

Made few attempts, its not working... WIll control it before it leads to something serious.