Saturday, September 17, 2005

FStival 05

FStival 05, the software freedom day was celebrated in our college on September 10th. It was a organised by GLUGOT and GlugMadurai. It was a good experience for us. The chief guest was Dr.M.Murali from AUKBC chennai. He gave a small and interesting talk about the philosophies and the ideologies of Free Software and OpenSource. It was good to meet our seniors Mr.Amalon Joe Steeve and Mr.Balamurugan. Joe has changed his hair style and Bams (balamurugan) had doubled in size after going to Bangalore. I gave the welcome address and in doing i so i gave PHD to joe by welcoming him as Dr.Amalon Joe Steeve. Praveen handled the MOC, Sen talked about the Glugot activities and Musi (muthusivam) gave the vote of thanks. We had a good support from our second years. They handled most of the stalls and we third years took GTK Glade and LAMP. Karthick Balaji from REC and Venkat of IT took GIMP and Shell Script. Altogether the Stalls was good. I felt more convinced when i finished my stall that is GTK Glade. But what still irks me is the crowd that turned up on that day. The total number of students from our college was very less. I still wonder why dont they turnout in large members. The meetings are also arranged for them but still they dont respond to it. That needs to be discussed.

After the software freedom day celebrations it was time for partying. First stop was at annan kadai in college with Bams sponsoring the little treat. Each one had a double Omlette and a slice while Joe was at ATM preparing f0r the next treat in Hotel Park in Palanganatham. As Bams was going to Dharmapuri he didnot come to next treat. So we went to park by 6:30 pm discussing a lot about the future plans with Joe doing most of the talking. And then in Park we had a nice treat which lasted till 9pm after which we departed. Hostel guys went to Thotti jaya but subramani, musi and myself returned home.

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