Sunday, September 18, 2005

Coder's Congregation

Coder's Congregation the online programming contest conducted as a part of our department symposium today was a great success. we had a good response to Coder's Congregation. The total number of participants reached 29 greatest in the past two years after online programming contest has been launched. We also had contestants from companies like Microsoft, Cisco and Trilogy. The event started sharply at 11am in the morning. Once the contest started the contestants were very fast and we got the first upload in just 10minutes. It was awesome to watch the status page getting changed so fast with uploads reaching us every few minutes. Sen was in online in trichy and we had Sriram here for online clarification of doubts about the programs. In the middle we encountered a problem with the status page but it was solved soon and the contest continued peacefully. We felt more elated on seeing the feedbacks. Most of them had appreciated about the way the event proceeded without interruption and about the questions. Some had given some valuable suggestions. Overall the event went well and we are happy about it.

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