Saturday, June 24, 2006

Back to normal

Three to four weeks of tension, trepidation, alacrity .... Now it is all over. Atlast offer from a company which is a part of India's largest business conglomerate. The selection process was simple and good, starting with aptitude which was online. It was followed by the technical and HR interview which tested the communication skills and little of prudence. Following this was the one day wait for the results. That proved to be a long wait with anxiety increasing every single moment. And finally it is all over and the result was positive for me. So now back to normal work and normal life which is proving out to be more monotonous and mechanical.


mayoor said...

dei hollow naye,place ayita odane romba busy ayitingalo.anyway whens the treat.keep it soon.

Senthil said...

helo sir.... first place aanathu neenga neengathan first treat in our set..

falco348 said...

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