Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Staying in touch with TVSLMHSS

This is all about the community for TVSLMHSS in orkut. For those who donot know about TVSLMHSS, it is a well known school in Tamilnadu and it was there i did my schooling. I was not aware of what was happening there in the school and how is it going after i left. Thanks to orkut, it has linked me again with the school or atleast with the students and alumni of my old school. Orkut has an active community for TVSLMHSS with 199 members and the owner is Guruguhan Meenakshisundaram. The discussions going on there reminded me about the classes. One such discussion was about their favourite teacher. It was interesting to read the replies. Most of them quoted Mr.Balu,our english teacher as their favourite and their replies contained a number of his famous and interesting dialogues. I felt like sitting in my class on reading thosee replies. I enjoyed the seven years i studied there. It was something great, the teachers were cool and understanding, the whole environment rocked. My memories are still fresh and i could go on talking about that for one full day but i have no intention of doing that.

And about the recent developments in the school, Mr.Sudhakaran has left the school so it is the turn of Mrs.Uma Ramesh of Maths department to act as the principal of the school. And Mr.Ramesh sir of Biology department is the vice principal. My favourite teacher Nagarajan sir of the physics department is the assistant principal. Mr.Rajkumar of biology department has left the school and is working as the vice principal in chethana school in Madurai. This is what i got from orkut and i am not sure how much of it is true. And i think they have purchased some more buses increasing the count further.


Ananth said...

Awesome ! Great to hear some news about my old school.

Karthik ,K.N said...

dai superb da..wht Nagu is VP(Poor school)..Sudhakaran left the school...thnx for updatin it da..ne'er knew u were frm TVS