Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Two weeks after the release of the movie and about a week after the release of the book, the situation has not changed and harry potter continues to find a place in the newspapers. Whatever Daniel Radcliffe blabbers is a news. The seventh and the final book created a lot of eagerness even among the muggles, who have not read the previous six books. Thanks to the media for creating so much of hype. I think the media has overdone it. There was a lot of fight among the news channels to disclose the plot of the book. Finally a news channel disclosed the plot as a "Flash News". Though most of the potter maniacs got the book on the first day there are some like me who are yet to read the book. I never expected them to disclose whether Harry will die or not. Even after reading a lot of plot spoilers in the web, the expectations are still high and i still have lot of faith in J.K.R. Waiting for my friend to finish off the book today, after which two to three nights will be dedicated to "Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows".

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