Thursday, August 16, 2007

Visit to Bhara Chukki

After visits to the prominent places in Bangalore like lalbagh, Garuda mall this time we ventured a little outside Bangalore. Was able to kill one day leave with a visit to Bhara Chukki falls near sivasamudra. Sivasamudra is around 120 KM from Bangalore and near a place called Kolegal. Since we chose KSRTC as the mode of transport it took around 3 hours to reach the place. From there once has to travel 7 KM in auto through a rugged road to reach the falls. There are two falls called Bhara Chukki and Gangana Chukki.  "Chukki" looked weird,  later we learnt that Chukki means waterfalls.

The auto are optimistic to the extent that they feel that 20 people can dump into a single auto. Not even a single inch inside the auto is wasted. But the pain is worth taking for you the destiny will be a dip in the cool  waters of river cauvery. Cauvery flows silently amidst the roars of tourists. The water was cool inspite of the hot climate. Since we did not have extra clothes we were not able to enjoy much. After that we returned to bangalore with a bumpy ride in the last seat of the KSRTC trip, with the usual chatting and  teasing.

The best way to go there might be to arrange personal transport and to visit the places like "thalai Kaveri"  and other falls around there.  Though it was a tiring trip it is memorable as it is the first trip outside bangalore.


senthilkumaran said...

The exact meaning of "chukki" is not falls. Looks like we came up with some wrong meaning. "chukki" means dot or something as my friend told.

Karthik said...

yes, chukki means a dot, and its informal meaning is a Star.