Saturday, August 04, 2007

Deathly Hallows At last

At last completed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Thanks to my friend Praveen for lending me his  book. As usual devoted one whole night for the book. Though "Deathly Hallows" was the most awaited book of the Harry Potter series, i could not quite allocate time to read the book quicky. I took more than a week to finish the book.  Anyway finally completed one of the greatest work of JKR.

"Deathly Hallow" was a little slugish in the begining. But after around 300 pages, the plot thickens and what follows is a hard core agical adventure, potrayed in JKR's style. The fan fiction books and fan's predictions before the book was released, did spoil the thrill and suspense a bit. Pottermaniacs active in the web, have predicted almost every possible way the plot of "Deathly Hallow" can be written. When i first read "Chamber of secrets" i had no clue about harry potter and the plot made me an ardent fan of Harry Potter. I read Deathly Hallows after reading a fake book, lot of reviews & plot spoilers and after seeing the ending in news channel. If not for JKR's style i would have felt little boring.

I felt more like looking through the pensieve into Harry Potter memories than reading the book. So engrossed in the plot that it was difficult to push aside the deaths of characters in the book.  Could not count how many characters JKR managed to murder in the final book but it was purely a blood bath, like she mentioned in the interviews. One good thing about the book is that JKR has tried to focus on all the characters in the book and has succeeded to a greater extent. Justification about Snape's activities and his love story was heart touching. If JKR has wished the book could have been made a little smaller. But these things dont really affect Harry Potter fans.

When i finished the book at 3.30 in the night, could not believe that  have come to the end of one of the most interesting series. Don't know why but the book aroused all hidden sentiments. The end of the book was not that important, because whether harry potter is alive or not, there is not going to be one more book about the boy wizard. Though Rowling has suggested that she might continue with the series, it was evident from the story line that there is very little probablity of her doing it. Though JKR has put an end to Harry Potter, hope harry potter continues to live on.

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kumarsez said...

I am not emotionally attached to Potter like half the world is, but the book was a nice read (and that's saying something coz there've been decent tries by the fans on their version).
I hope Harry lives on, but only in a pensieve as one of the most popular wizards in history...
Good things come to an end to make way for better ones. So not really disappointed.