Saturday, August 04, 2007

Bad Bad Conductors

Thought not to blog about this, still could not resist. It is about the same old thing that is quite common in banglore buses. If you cant understand anything read this first. Following is my experience with the conductors in BMTC buses.

First trip: Was going from my home along with my friend to my office. Cost of the ticket was Rs.5. Gave ten rupees and asked for two tickets, as usual the conductor gave two rupees as commission. This time i asked for the ticket and the conductor politely took back the two rupee commission and gave back the ticket.

Second trip: This time it was from my office to home. Gave 10 rupees and asked for two tickets. As usual got two rupees as commission. I asked for the ticket. The conductor thought i was trying to strike a deal and added one more rupee to the commission !!!. I refused and conductor gave a disgusting look as though i am trying to take away his hard earned money. Finally got back the ticket.

Third trip: It happened today morning. As usual gave 10 rupees for two tickets. The conductor searched for two rupees. Alas ! he could not find the change. Wondering what he did ? Gave two nine rupees tickets, that he has managed to preserve for days and walked away. Still he looked a little sad that he had to give those tickets to us. Dont know how old the tickets were. Some passenger had given the ticket to the conductor to show the amount and get back the change written on the back of the ticket and this conductor found good use for that.

Heard that this practice is in existence for a very long time. Someone told me that even Tamil super star, Rajnikanth has done this when he started his career as a conductor.

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