Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A bad game

The whole indian cricket team will be in cloud nine after winning the test match against England comfortably. It was an occassion where the senior batsmen and bowlers showed their potential and helped India register a convincing win over England. This post is not about how they played but it was about something that happened during the match. England did better with the ball and with the mouth. I got the opportunity to see about one hour of India's first innings and i  happened to see Zaheer Khan giving a warning to Kevin Pieterson with his bat.  Probably England thought it was the last resort to win the game. If it was Navjot singh sidhu, he might have broken some English heads.

Sledging has long roots in the game of cricket. Its the one of the mighty tools used by Australia to get the wicket. I had the opinion  that Australia is the team best in sledging untill i saw some clips in Star sports. A lot of team seem to be enjoy sledging. Those clips showed  Flintoff and Sangakara sucessfully distracting the attention of the  batsmen and getting them out. Indians are winners in this regard. they  rarely involve in sledging. Santhakumaran Srisanth tried a bit but never sucessfull in that.

Cricket is called as gentlemen game but sledging makes it look bad.  Hope ICC comes up with some good rules or suggestion to reduce that.  The best thing would be players acting like real genttlemen. Comments  are required, but the nature of comment should be take care. But for viewers sitting in front or television, sledging gives something to munch for a while.

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