Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rocking With Emacs :)

Atlast configured Emacs to play songs also. The only useful thing that myself and subramani did during this weekend might be this. We did that in Subrmani's system, a HP Laptop with Ubuntu Fiesty Fawn installed. Fortunately it had ALSA installed and configured. Yet to check whether OSS was the problem in my system. But  it was good to configure Emacs to play songs and hear songs using Emacs.

For those who are not able to understand anything from this post, Emacs is a powerfull editor in GNU/Linux with a lot of features  that makes it impossible to call it as a editor. Emacs can also be made to play songs using EMMS, Emacs Mulitmedia System.

All it required was to install emms package and other packages like emacs21-el, emacs-extra. Then we need a console media player like mplayer or mpg321. In our case, we had MPlayer installed in the laptop. Then the following lines are to be added in the .emacs file to enable Emacs to play songs,

(require 'emms-setup)

There are a lot of options associated with EMMS and with Emacs-Lisp it is possible to fine tune it. But learning Emacs-Lisp still remains as a distant dream. Anyway check out  the EMMS homepage for more information about EMMS. Remember my guru telling me that "With Emacs nothing is possible, the next step with Emacs is making coffee with Emacs".  Who knows in the near future Emacs can do that also.

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rsriram said...

At last u got it buddy... keep rocking