Thursday, April 26, 2007

Unnale Unnale

A post about a tamil movie after a long time. Unnale Unnale happens to be the fourth movie i have seen in theatre this year after Guru, PKMS and Mozhi. The film had a lot of expectations bcoz of the super hit songs and director Jeeva's fame. Should say the film lived up to its expectations. Like his previous film Ullam Ketkume this film also targets the youth. The story is all about love and how possessiveness of gals affects love.

The hero vinay is a fun loving freak who loves to enjoy every moment in life. Opposite to his character is the heroine sada is a lot possessive and wants his lover to do what she wants.  Unfortunately both of them happen to be lovers and their characters sparks a lot of fight between them. Actually the story starts with the split up between sada and vinay. Then you have a little flash back about what happened between sada and vinay. What happens between vinay, sada and tanisha forms the rest of the story.

Not much in the story but Jeeva handles it story  meticulously. Dialogues being simple and straight is a major plus oint in the movie. You could see traces of madhavan in some of vinay's actions and smile. In fact vinay looks a bit like young madhavan. Sada and Tanisha do their job perfectly. Picturisation of songs too good. Overall it a great movie but half of the lot have other opinions about the movie. Some said the movie is only for lovers but it was interesting to guys like me also.

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