Sunday, April 15, 2007

Doing it simple

Was chatting with one of my friends sometime back. We were talking about reducing the size of the pictures taken using our digital camera for uploading in web. Though he has GNU/Linux installed in his system he sticks on to windows for doing most of his job. He had been using the paint program to reduce the image size. I had been doing it using GNU/Linux and it looks pretty simple. So thought of blogging about it. Came across this utility called "convert" a longtime back when i was trying to use my own grub splash image. This site contains a lot of information about creating your own grub splash images using convert. Follow the link to know how to create your own grub splash images.

Convert comes as a part of Imagemagick package that provides a set of command line utilities to create, edit and convert images. Convert is a utility that can be used to perform a number of operations like changing the resolution, changing the colour scheme, changing the format of picture etc etc. Convert has made the job a lot easier. The man pages will give more information i suppose. It was this tool i use to reduce the size of the images. To make the job much more easier wrote a simple python script which when supplied the source image directory and destination image directory as arguments, uses "convert" to convert the all the images in the source directory to the required form and stores it in the destination directory. The script can be found here. Convert proves to be a really handy tool indeed.

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